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Welcome to the PRB! Read the guidelines, and then add your name below if interested.

After you have joined the PRB Project, insert this UIB into your User page.

This author is part of the PRB Project! (Kudos to him/her!)

Post this UIB onto a wikiHow user's page to invite them to PRB. NOTE: When using this UIB, please put the link to the PRB project page to direct them to us.

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Hello! I see that you have taken a interest in / you have been editing pet rock articles. Would you like to join the PRB Project to help us edit and maintain pet rock articles? Thanks!

Post the Award UIB below to congratulate team members.

You've done a amazing job! We're glad to have you as a team member.


At PRB, our goal is to help improve and create informative Pet Rock articles for wikiHow. So read the rules below to help you understand what to do and what not to do while participating in our project.

Remember to always:

  • Support each Pet Rock article with much eloquence to make it high-quality and informative to the public. Everyone wants to look at nice, informative articles to help them understand what they are creating for their pet rock.
  • Always follow the Writer's Guide to help make the article up to wikiHow's standards. It's always nice to see a high quality, wikiHow Writer's Guide standard article become Featured!
  • Ask a member or other members to edit the pet rock article you have created, right after you create it to improve it. This helps the article to grow even more! Plus, they will help to tell if the article is informative enough.
  • Vote on NFD Pet Rock articles! This helps to make lower articles seen and kept open.

And remember to never:

  • Imply that a Pet Rock is living or breathing in any way. Pet rocks are for fun, they are not alive.
  • Troll the pages/articles, or leave dumb comments. This just annoys the people here at wikiHow, and it causes dislike to whoever posted the comment.
  • Post a article in the 'Articles that need to be edited' section that isn't pet rock related. Pet rock articles are our focus. So if you see a NFD article unrelated to pet rocks, but you still want to save it, post it on a project that is related to the concept of the other article.
  • Edit the project's page without permission. (This isn't related to the 'List of members' section. Feel free to edit that to put your username into it.) Sometimes it bugs me and other people when someone edits a project, and makes the rule or part of it end up making no sense. Please post the part of the project you would like to edit on Tinkerbrain's talk page to receive or be denied permission to edit it.
  • And last but not least, never add inappropriate content to our articles or our project. Be considerate of younger members of wikiHow, and be sure to make the content PG or age appropriate. Thank you!

EditArticles that need to be edited

Look at the right side of Category:Pet Rocks to find a complete list of Pet Rock articles in need of saving, right away!

EditSaved Articles

None, yet! Go to the right side of Category:Pet Rocks to find NFD articles.


None yet, but please leave a message on TinkerBrain's Talk Page to recommend any projects to partner with.

EditList of Members

  • Tinkerbrain - The Leader, and primary pet rock page editor in the project. 'Thank you all for your eloquence, your hard work, and your intelligence.'
  • HumanBeing 'Happy to pitch in to lend a hand on pages in the Pet Rock Category that merit improvement.' - The first invited member!

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