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Welcome to the Party Project page! In the Party Project, we improve, format, and add content, images, and videos to articles related to parties, celebrations, and sleepovers. Our goal is to improve as many of these articles as we can. You can get started with the Party Project right away, just add your name to the list below, and say what you will help with.

It would be helpful to be familiar with the Merge Policy and the Title Policy. That way, we will know when to merge articles and when to change their title.

What do you do with an article? Well, there are many things you can do, depending on your strengths. You could add images, videos, related wikiHows, links, copyedit, and check to see if an article should be merged or a different title.



To show users that you are a member of the Party Project, you can add one or both of the following UIB's to your userpage.

  • Use this code: {{User PP}} To make:
This author is a member of the Party Project.

  • Add {{User Pproject}} as well:
This author is a member of the Party Project and hopes you'll join as well!


Use this template: {{PartyProject Invite}} to invite users to the Party Project. It will look like this:


Balloons. 2.jpg
Are you interested in joining theParty Project? We edit and improve articles about parties, celebrations, and sleepovers. You are welcome to join!


Give the Party Project Award to users that have imrpoved a great amount of articles in the Party Project. Just add {{Pp Award}} to their talk page. It will look like this:

Balloons. 2.jpg
Thank you for being a member of the Party Project and doing a fantastic job of editing party articles. We're so glad you joined!


  • Amanda (My Talk Page)-Leader. I will add images, related wikiHows, and copyedit articles.
  • Readingirl (My Talk Page)-Assistant Leader.
  • Emily (My Talk Page)- Assistant Leader. I will add images to articles.
  • ShrUtiable (My Talk Page)
  • TheBev (My Talk Page)-I will edit intros of party articles, add/remove related wikihows and add images (sometimes).
  • Kristi My Talk Page I will help by merging, webbing links, and fixing common typos.
  • BeautycareMy Talk Page I will help by editing and adding photos.
  • SmartEar My Talk Page I will be the one giving the final verdict on spelling and grammar.
  • VyUnicornVy My Talk Page I love parties so i would like to join! :)

EditNominated Articles

These articles are currently nominated to be edited by the Party Project. Anyone can nominate an article by putting it on this list. Here is the category for parties. You can edit as many as you would like. When an article is finished, remove it from this list and put it on the "Saved Articles" list below.

  1. Be Random at a Sleepover
  2. Plan a Perfect Video Game Sleepover
  3. Host a Halloween Sleepover (for Girls)
  4. Plan a First Birthday Party for Your Little Girl
  5. Throw an 80s Party
  6. Have a Party
  7. Party on a Sunday Night
  8. Have a Club Penguin Party
  9. Have a Cookie Party
  10. Have a Spooky Party -edited by TheBev
  11. Prepare Food for a Teen Party
  12. Plan a Pool Party-I've (Amanda) edited this one. Anyone want to change or add anything?
  13. Pick a Party Location
  14. Plan a Great Event

EditSaved Articles

These articles are saved by the Party Project! However, feel free to edit these articles more to make them even better.

  1. Choose a Gift for a Birthday Party Edited by Amanda
  2. Have a Crazy Hat PartyEdited by Emily and Amanda

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