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The wikiHow Palm Pre app is built to make wikiHow's content easily readable on your Palm Pre. Our free, open source application allows you to search for any of our over 50,000 articles, read our featured article RSS feed, browse our set of stored articles on your phone, and bookmark articles you'd like to read later.

A bonus feature, the wikiHow Survival Kit will help you be prepared with articles that are permanently stored on your phone and available without a network. These articles provide detailed first aid instructions, wilderness survival tips, and guides for a range of uncommon scenarios such as controlling a spooked camel, landing a plane in an emergency, and safely swimming with piranhas. Click here for detailed instructions for using the app.

EditAbout our developer

We developed our Palm Pre application in partnership with Keishi Hattori. When he's not developing Palm Pre applications, Keishi is a student studying VLSI circuit design at the University of Tokyo. Keishi enjoys developing applications in javascript and Cocoa; he also teamed up with wikiHow to develop our iPhone application

EditOpen Source

Just like we do with the modified version of MediaWiki that runs wikiHow, we are happy to share the source code for our Palm Pre app with anyone who would like it. Our Palm Pre application is licensed under the MIT License, so you may use it however you like under the terms of that license. We hope that our code inspires others to build new and exciting apps for the many MediaWiki sites out there. If you would like a copy of the source code, please email us at wiki@wikihow.com.

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  • wikiHow Palm Pre App ©2009 wikiHow and Keishi Hattori (MIT License)

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