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EditWho Are We?

We are a group of dedicated editors determined to help improve wikiHow by adding "related articles" and weaving links to those articles that have none.

EditOur Goal

Our goal is to improve all the articles that have no related articles by adding some to them.
May ye all have hope, and accomplish great things!

EditOrphaned pages

For a full list visit the Dead End Pages List. Here follows a brief list. When they have related articles, place them in the "Added On" section. Note that you can improve them in other ways as well, but here we mainly focus on adding related articles. You may put your name next to the articles you improved. If you choose not to, that is fine, just remove the article from the list.

EditAdded On



Use {{Orphan Team Invite}} to make:

Hey there Orphan Team!

I personally would like to invite you to the Orphan Team. I am part of it, and thought you would be a great contributor to it as well. The Orphan Team dedicates its time to help get some attention and clean up lonely pages on wikiHow that haven't had time to grow to their full potential. If you'd like to join, feel free to add your name to our members list. Don't feel obligated to join though.

Thanks for your time,

The Orphan Team.


Use {{User Orphan Team}} to make:

This author is part of the Orphan Team and encourages you to join as well!

Use {{User Orphan Team2}} to make:

This author helps add related wikiHows to lonely articles by being part of the Orphan Team!

Use {{User Revive the Dead}} to make:

This author revives dead-end pages.


Feel free to add your name.

  • Grahamster-Founder
  • AndrewG1999
  • Connor-Template Designer/Group Member
  • Focusatgreat
  • chirami
  • SilverSparkz - Project helper
  • JKL1234 - Helper
  • Mike Massaroli- helper
  • Jasmine
  • Shinako
  • Hinni
  • Katemate
  • Wildz
  • Savannah
  • raritymlppony
  • Mairead reid
  • Adelaide
  • Harigovindind

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