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This is a working document for development of Stage II of the OLPC/wikiHow project. If you have any questions, please contact Felicity (Flickety). Thanks!

Also see UNICEF category for more ideas.


Stage II of OLPC will consist of:

  • Creating new articles according to OLPC specifications
  • Editing nominated existing articles to bring them up to quality standard required; research and accuracy checking; updating of articles already sent with new or better information (potentially part of wiki-training exercises also)
  • Requesting articles from users via Requests and Collaboration Corner
  • Developing wikiHow/OLPC mentorship program - mentorship scheme between wikiHow youth contributors and OLPC youth:

    • cross-cultural exchanges, friendship building, ideas sharing
    • wiki know-how sharing - wiki Youth teaching OLPC youth about wiki collaboration processes
    • development of ongoing classroom and educational relationships
  • Inter-organizational relationship development - strengthening ties and interaction between wikiHow and OLPC to ensure ongoing relationship to assist OLPC children/youth and to also bring in educational resources for a wide range of educational specialists in both developing and developed countries.

To Do

  • Animation articles (Seth)
  • Howtopedia collaboration (Maud)
  • Build a School (Howtopedia) - Build a School article
  • UNICEF linkages
  • Mentorship scheme
  • Teacher resources
  • Team meeting & thanx
  • X-linkages with UNICEF

OLPC/wikiHow Team

See OLPC Team Stage II.

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