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Previous Entrants of the Nature Themed Contest


Author: Felicita
Description: I used my Photosmart R967 camera to create a panorama picture. This little pond is about 2 minutes from my house!


Author: Megan L
Description: This is a picture of a flower taken by me. It had just rained at my house, so I thought it would be the perfect time to take this picture. I love the vivid colors in it! I hope you love it!


Author: Maluniu
Description: Image taken from a Waikiki pier outside of Honolulu Zoo. It includes the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head in the background.


Description: Taken somewhere in a New Zealand forest. I find the undergrowth provides some amazing photos; besides, fungi rocks.


Author: Luligal
Discription: Taken in the Appalachian Mountains on Cherry Mountain in North Carolina. Includes a Wild Purple Heart plant and two wild plants I couldn't identify. This is amazing to me because the Purple Heart plant is rarely found in the wild, it is mainly domesticated.


Description: After a day storm, the rain came and the result - a spectacular sky scene. I wanted to capture as much colour as possible while maintaining the shadowy silhouette of the hills beneath the sky to show the impact of the sky to our world. I liked this scene because it tells me there must be something higher to give us so many magnificent scenes.


Description: This is a picture of the underside of the canopy in a forest in Maryland. I have always liked how the light shines down through the branches in tall forests, and so I chose this picture. It isn't the best picture in the world, but I like it enough to submit it here.


Author:Rojo Don Poho
Description: This is a view of Indian Lake in Adirondacks... where we camped last year. I love the colors in the picture.

Hail in the high desert. Photo taken at 100 ASA using an HP 5.3MP camera. Photo By M. Ash.

Description: Photo taken during a rare summer thunderstorm which had hail. Hail is very uncommon here.


Description: A flower in my gazebo. I love how the purple gets lighter on the leaves as it spreads out.


Description: This picture was taken in Canada at a park. It's a beautiful gunch of flowers.


Description: A duck swimming in a sultry Maryland pond. You may have to click on the pic to see it, but this waterfowl has markings on his beak which appear almost like a third eye.


Description: This picture was taken on a hot windy day at Ft.Lauderdale Beach. And a surfer that's about to catch a wave.

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