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NFD Guardian is a wikiHow tool that processes articles that have been nominated for deletion. This tool is available to New Article Boosters and to admins. Boosters that are interested in becoming an admin on wikiHow should learn the deletion policy and begin using the NFD Guardian to build their skills.

When an article is nominated for deletion at least a week is provided for comment. During this period anyone is able to comment on the article and explain why the NFD tag may have been incorrectly placed or to edit the article to save the article from deletion.

After the waiting period is over articles are automatically placed in the NFD Guardian queue for consideration. Any Booster or Admin can move through the queue and vote to keep or delete articles.

Before beginning to vote for articles it is important to carefully review the deletion policy to understand the reasons an article can be deleted. If articles do not fall into one of these deletion categories, the article should not be deleted. Those using this tool should bookmark the deletion policy and refer to it often.


Please follow this procedure when voting using the NFD Guardian tool.

  1. 1
    Note the reason the article has been nominated for deletion and review the Deletion Policy for this deletion category.
  2. 2
    Read the discussion page and note anything related to the nomination for deletion.
  3. 3
    Read the article and determine if it does indeed fit the NFD category that was designated. Review the Deletion Policy again if necessary.
  4. 4
    1. Vote to keep - If the article clearly does not fit the category designated you should vote to keep the article. It is helpful to place a note on the Discussion page before you make your vote.
    2. Edit to Keep the article if possible. Make edits necessary to change the nature of the article so that the deletion policy no longer applies. For example, at times articles that are an advertisement in nature can be edited to remove product references and links to make it an informative, how-to article.
    3. Skip. If you are not sure how an article fits the deletion policy you can skip the article. It is always helpful to place a note on the Comments page to raise any questions you have about the NFD tag.
    4. Vote to delete.


  • Don't be quick to delete. Voting is easy but a good booster will take the time to look at each article and, if possible, edit the article so that it can be saved.
  • When at least one boosters and one admin (or two admins) votes to delete or keep an article the action will be taken. However if not all the boosters agree it will take 6 votes for the action to be taken.
  • You can set the NFD Guardian to show only one NFD Category by clicking on Change Options just above the voting buttons.
  • Your vote counts. Here is how it works:
    • Three delete points deletes an article
    • Two keep points keeps an article
    • Any non admin vote counts for one point
    • Any admin vote counts for two points (either delete or keep)
    • At least one admin must participate vote in any action that ends in deletion

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