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The wikiHow application is the best way to read wikiHow on your mobile device. Our free, open source application allows you to search for any of our nearly 100,000 articles, read our featured article RSS feed, browse our set of stored articles, and store any article you would like on your device for reading even without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


  • How to of the Day - Clicking the "Home" button brings you to a selection of interesting articles stored on your device. This article list will be periodically updated to bring you fresh and interesting how-tos.
  • wikiHow Survival Kit The wikiHow Survival kit will help you be prepared with articles that are permanently stored on your device and available without a network. These articles provide detailed first aid instructions, wilderness survival tips, and guides for a range of uncommon scenarios such as controlling a spooked camel, landing a plane in an emergency, and safely swimming with piranhas.
  • Featured articles - Keep up with some of wikiHow's best articles from our RSS feed. Updated at least twice daily, our featured articles will provide practical instructions for your life, teach you about things you've never heard of before and sometimes amuse you.
  • Bookmarks - Whenever you come across an article you like, you click the add bookmark button to store it on your device for offline reading. The bookmarks menu will allow you to access any of these articles, and to delete them when you no longer need them.
  • Search - When online, click use the search menu to find how-tos on any topic of interest. Just hit enter or click the search icon to display a list of all articles related to your query.


  • If you have questions, suggestions or problems using the app, we're happy to help, just send us an email to support@wikihow.com.

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