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Our goal is to get all LGBT articles fixed to perfection. Help contribute to these vast and complex topics. While many are well-written, some may be lacking in content or may have questionable accuracy. We can do so much more to improve existing articles and create new ones!

What does LGBT mean?

  • Gay, lesbian or homosexual refers to someone who prefers the same sex over the opposite sex.
  • Bisexual refers to someone who is attracted to both genders, though possibly not equally.
  • Transgender refers to someone who diverges from the gender role they were assigned at birth. This includes transvestites, genderqueers, androgynes, cross-dressers, drag kings and drag queens. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    • Transsexual refers to somebody who identifies with the opposite gender they were assigned at birth. They may intend to transition, not necessarily including genital surgery.
    • Intersexuality refers to someone whose sex chromosomes are determined to be neither exclusively male nor female, or whose primary and/or secondary sex characteristics are determined to be neither exclusively male nor female.
    • Genderqueer refers to someone who may think of her/himself as having a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics; as being both masculine and feminine, being neither masculine nor feminine, or being outside of the gender binary.
    • Androgyne refers to someone who does not necessarily fit into the traditional or typical masculine or feminine role.
    • Pangender refers to somebody who feels they cannot be labeled as male or female in gender.
How This Project Works


If you'd like to flag an article for our project, just post here. Feel free to write new articles, make requests or remove any hetero-normativity from any wikiHow page.

If an article needs a lot of work, our members pull together and get the job done! We edit and apply helpful templates whenever articles need attention with:

  • Summary
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  • Copyedit and format
  • Links and relateds
  • Images
Then, all contributors sit back, relax and know that yet another
LGBT article has been saved from deletion!
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