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In the end each wikiHow version should be working without the English "mother page". That's why certain pages are needed that explain how your wikiHow works. This is a lot of work - you have to understand what is described on the English pages, find proper names and make bold edits. For the beginning it is ok if you just add summaries of the original sites.

EditEssential Pages

  1. Main Page - This is the most important page, since most of the wikiHow visitors will see this page first. It should provide information about what is wikiHow, how to join the community and links to high quality content. Try to get rid of each English expression you find on the main page.
  2. Each page that is linked on the main page should not be red links.


  • If you see red links on special pages, they usually refer to essential pages.
  • Check after some time, if there had been significant changes on the translated pages. Your translated versions have to be updated from time to time.
  • Read through your translations after some time and check if you've done mistakes. You've certainly got new experiences about your wikiHow version which makes it easier to find better words.

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