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Welcome to the Knitting Project!

We're a group of yarn lovers that are dedicated to improving all the knitting articles in Category:Knitting. Whether it's writing a new article, adding to an old article or clarifying with pictures, we aim to get them all polished to perfection.

Please join us!

EditHow to Join

  • If you'd like to join, just add your name to the "Members" list below. It's important that you add a working link to your user page. To do this write [[User:USERNAME|REALNAME]]. Thanks!
  • You can also add {{Knitting project}} to your User page to create the project UIB:

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  • Leave the {{KPI}} template on an editor's Talk page to invite them to our project.



  • RidingOnFire - I know how to knit, but don't really do it, but I have to deal with my aunt's needle work.
  • Sarah Eliza - I knit a lot in my free time and I will be contributing images and advice to articles, as well as updating this page. Group leader for now. :)
  • Davendrash I love knitting so much. I'll help when
  • Ms.Pretty I`ll help whenever I can
  • Mady I will help when I can.
  • Adrian
  • Love2 I love knitting so much.
  • Choc chip i knit when i got time!
  • John Lennon Loves Peace
  • Hinni I love knitting beanies and scarves.
  • Happymemos2 I love creating my own patterns! My favorite things to knit are scarfs and dishcloths!
  • Sarah Bauer
  • Flufffy I love arts and crafts!
  • P-code I love knitting! I like knitting scarves and dishcloths, too :)
  • Hal Marie Formerly Happymemos2
  • Amy morales1 i love knitting!!!!

EditArticles in Need of Editing

  • Knit a Cute, Felted, Backpack Purse - needs pictures
  • Knit a Zakka Tissue Cozy - needs pictures and a review as it's not about knitting.
  • Make a Knitted Heart Shaped Box-needs pictures

EditCommon Knitting Topics to Cover

  • How to Weave in Ends in Knitting
  • How to Do the Long Tail Cast on
  • How to Yarn Over
  • Basic pattern stitches such as the increases and decreases listed here:
    • Knit Increases
    • Knit Decreases
  • Requested knitting articles!


EditInactive Members =

  • Bridget - First leader and beginner of this page. Unfortunately she seems to be on a permanent wikiBreak now.
  • Krista
  • Lottiotta - I will help when I can
  • Gem07
  • Cthulhu I'm a combination knitter. So if there are articles not written for the English method, I can be of help. Just let me know.
  • Eleoo I will help when I can because I have school.
  • lennonlover
  • rockerchick7~I will help whenever I am able to

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