wikiHow:IRC Cheat Sheet

  • Joining a server
    • /server irc.freenode.net
  • Joining a channel
    • /join #channel
  • Setting yourself away
    • /away <reason>
  • Removing your away status
    • /back
  • Leaving a channel
    • /part <Message>
  • Quitting IRC
    • /quit <Message>
  • Registering your name
    • /msg NickServ register PASSWORD email
  • Changing your name
    • /nick NAME
  • Identifing to NickServ
    • /msg NickServ identify PASSWORD
  • Changing your password
    • /msg NickServ set password PASSWORD
    • You have to repeat this for all of your linked nicks, which can be found with /msg NickServ info YOUR NICK
  • Changing the topic of the channel (some channels restrict this command to operators)
    • /topic #channel NEW TOPIC
  • Get more information on another user
    • /whois USERNAME
  • Get Idle time and signon time in addition to normal WHOIS:
    • /whois USERNAME USERNAME (USERNAME repeated twice)

EditCommands for channel operators

You can only do these commands if you have operator status and it is turned on in the channel in question. You also need to identify yourself too ( * /msg NickServ identify PASSWORD ) before you Op yourself.

  • Opping yourself
    • /msg ChanServ op #channel
  • Opping another person
    • /msg chanserv op #channel NICKNAME
    • /mode #channel +o NICKNAME (when opped)
  • Setting op flags on a person
    • /msg chanserv flags #channel NICKNAME +o
  • Kicking people
    • /kick NICKNAME (reason)
  • Removing people
    • /quote remove #CHANNEL NICKNAME :REASON (When opped)
  • Quieting another person (when opped)
    • /mode #channel +q NAME
  • Clearing ops
    • /msg ChanServ clear #channel ops
  • Clearing voices
    • /msg ChanServ clear #channel voices
  • Removing just one op
    • /msg chanserv op #channel -NAME
    • /mode -o NAME (when opped)
  • Removing just one voice
    • /msg ChanServ voice #channel -NAME
    • /mode -v NAME (when opped)
  • Banning a user
    • /mode #channel +b nick!realname@hostmask.com
    • If the user is using a gateway client (ident after n= in their hostname is a hex code), you can /mode #channel +b *!?=HEX@* to ban their hexadecimal IP from all gateway clients. You can identify a hex code because it consists of an alphanumeric 8-character string. Example: 473c84cf
  • Ghosting yourself
    • /msg NickServ GHOST YourUsername YourPassword


  • To see who has what access:
    • /msg ChanServ access #channel list
  • When adding a user to the access list, note whether they own their current nick:
    • /whois <nickname>
    • If the WHOIS results return "identified to services" in the message, you can use that nickname for adding access below. If not, you will have to add their default nickname (normally but not always wikiHow nickname for wikiHow users).
  • Various flags (note that these apply to the wikiHow IRC channel and may vary for other Freenode channels). To set, use /cs flags #wikihow <username> followed by a space, and then the code below.
    • None = default for anyone off the street
    • +votiA = ops
    • +votsriRfA - able to set access levels.
    • +vVoOtsriRfAF = Channel founder
  • Reviewing banned hostmasks, ban dates, and operator banning
    • /mode #wikihow +b


  • /msg ChanServ and /msg NickServ can be replaced with /cs and /ns respectively on some clients.
  • To find the realname and hostmask of someone for banning, type /whois NAME. When banning someone with the CGI IRC client (hostmask looks like so: n=43a17003@, it is advised to ban by realname instead of nickname and hostmask (for example: *!?=43a17003@*). When banning users with regular hostmasks, bans by hostmask are best (i.e. *!*@this.dude.is.annoying.com).
  • /join and /server will not work from the wikihow CGI:IRC client.
  • To undo a channel mode, such as a ban, quiet, or moderation, use - instead of +.
  • Kicking and removing a user produces a very similar effect, except that removes usually disable auto-rejoin.
  • Replace "#channel" with the current channel you are in that you have operator status in.

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