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Name Date Length Operator Reason
awsomething awsomething34 25-Feb-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Myrmidon101 Flooding and ban circumvention
Cbl 16-Mar-09 1y 0m 0d 0h unkown D-Rae Maluniu
Wuju 19-Oct-08 2y 0m 0d 0h unkown Elyne
Friendship 1-Aug-08 1y 0m 0d 0h unkown Estel
WikiV Wikihow 24-Sep-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Elyne Trolling around
Choicefresh 1-Sep-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Zoe_Volt Elyne Disturbing the channel trolling with the Joe song flooding.
leejr1 30-Sep-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Elyne Eric West trolling around admitted user has multiple sockpuppets etc
ApplesAreTasty 26-Jan-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Khluvr Disruptive behavior; the channel is not a place to kill boredom
Brianna/Tiffany 8-Apr-08 0y 0m 0d 2h Khluvr621 Trolling
BonneNuit 8-Jul-08 2y 0m 0d 0h Horses4Ever Appeared to be impersonating an admin admitted to being underage flooding channel with random nonsense
Chicablog 2-Jul-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Nickzeke Disruptive behaviour trolling repeated profanity and insults to ops.
Chicablog 5-Jul-08 0y 0m 2d 0h Maluniu Forced break; continued disruptive behavior from last ban; needs to change behavior towards people
Chicablog 8-Jul-08 0y 0m 14d 0h Maluniu Disruptive behavior again needs to calm down; excessive caps usage trolling
Chicablog 22-Jul-08 0y 1m 15d 0h Maluniu and Elocina Arguing negative behavior continuation minor trolling not listening to ops stated no longer editing on wikiHow etc
Choicefresh 15-Dec-07 0y 0m 0d 2h Nickzeke Personal Attacks
Choicefresh 22-Mar-08 0y 0m 0d 2h Horses4Ever Disruptive behavior after warnings
Choicefresh 30-Mar-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Nickzeke Trolling flooding
Choicefresh 3-Jun-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Maniac Gaining wikiHow account passwords by tricking users into publicly posting their password.
DoggyLover2008 27-Dec-07 0y 0m 7d 0h Vautaut Nickzeke Horses4Ever Khluvr Spamming links ignoring warnings
grape` 18-Jun-08 0y 1m 15d 0h Maluniu Trolling sexual random comments; threatened op after ban was placed
halo sly 13-Mar-08 0y 0m 7d 0h Myrmidon101 Flooding channel with excessive join/parts
hershey_kiss same CGI:IRC IP hash as xoxoarieleonxoxo 15-Feb-08 0y 0m 7d 0h Khluvr Trolling disruptive behavior
Jaredxcvz 20-Dec-07 0y 0m 1d 0h Estel Trolling disruptive behavior
Jaredvcxz Shadowtaco 16-Jan-08 0y 2m 0d 0h Vautaut Harassing users with sexual terms; personal attacks
JoMan 14-Jan-08 0y 0m 2d 0h Nickzeke Impersonation logging in as two people and an op
jussenadv Watersville 24-Jun-08 0y 2m 0d 0h Maluniu Trolling identified/noted as OhioMike's spam impersonator on site
Leppy66666 1-Jan-08 0y 0m 7d 0h Horses4Ever Khluvr Vautaut Disruptive behavior
Leppy66666 21-Jan-08 0y 0m 18d 0h Khluvr and Vautaut Trolling
Lindesy 25-Feb-09 0y 0m 2d 0h Maluniu Trolling
Masters100/GeorgeWBush 15-Aug-08 0y 3m 0d 0h Maluniu Impersonation/changing names to several admins severe flooding severe trolling
Mc13football 24-Mar-08 0y 0m 0d 2h Khluvr Disruptive behavior.
Metsguy234 11-Jul-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Maluniu "Doesn't know the definition of ""stop"" nor how to let go of a conversation"
Metsguy234 25-Jul-08 0y 0m 21d 0h Horses4Ever "Flooding trolling extremely inappropriate quit message (Metsguy234 has left irc.freenode.net (""Jesus and Cal are sooo gay... enjoy sucking each others balls guys""))"
Metsguy234 29-Aug-08 0y 0m 4d 0h Maluniu Trolling
neville_egg jj_hagrid_rivier 15-Nov-08 0y 0m 14d 0h Elyne doesn't listen to ops trolling....
Phoang Kagome Akasuki 22-Dec-07 0y 1m 0d 0h Elocina Nickzeke #wikiHow consensus Constant trolling
raden austinpowers sniper13 15-Feb-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Maniac and Khluvr Profanity personal attacks
rbordner17 Monk17 6-Dec-07 0y 3m 0d 0h Khluvr Severe trolling profanity towards users & OPs sexual conduct
RossM 7-Oct-08 0y 0m 7d 0h Elyne was banned from wikiHow trolling on IRC....
RV7009 iceman_117 vill477 7-Aug-08 0y 1m 0d 0h Elyne trolling around multiple sockpuppets etc
Sandwich 22-Jan-09 0y 0m 3d 0h unkown Elyne
Shaiaqua 29-Dec-07 0y 2m 0d 0h Vautaut Horses4Ever Stealing passwords via his private IRC server ghosting Horses4Ever
Sithis 26-May-08 0y 0m 2d 0h Nickzeke Disruptive behavior rude comments/personal attacks to ops bothering an op to do something in the channel more than is reasonable trolling.
Sithis 23-Apr-08 0y 0m 1d 0h Nickzeke Trolling being rude to other users
Sithis 8-Apr-08 0y 0m 0d 2h Horses4Ever Khluvr Disruptive behavior after multiple warnings
Softballnutster 30-Mar-08 0y 1m 15d 0h #wikihow consensus Major disruptive behavior
Snowlake 14-Dec-08 0y 0m 2d 0h Maluniu Elyne Trolling
Spongebob56 13-Mar-08 0y 0m 7d 0h Myrmidon101 Disruptive IRC behavior; circumventing kicks
SudoKing 27-Dec-07 0y 0m 1d 0h Nickzeke Evading +q pushing levels of insanity profanity
trailerparkgirls (Gmoney45) 12-May-08 0y 0m 14d 0h Khluvr Disruptive behavior flooding
trailerparkgirls (Gmoney45) 15-Jun-08 0y 0m 18d 0h Maluniu Continued disruptive behavior; this isn't a lyrics site
Mimi Liang 24-May-08 0y 2m 0d 0h Horses4Ever Maluniu Flooding disruptive behavior impersonating Jack H.; second ban is for circumventing extending one week longer
Xoxoariexoxo Ginger 15-Feb-08 0y 0m 0d 3h Khluvr Flooding
Ziggy_Sawdust 17-Jun-08 0y 0m 14d 0h Maluniu Troll from Wikipedia creating trouble with regular wikiHowian

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