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EditWiki Link Mechanics

  1. Understand wiki markup for internal links. It generally looks like:

    • [[Title of the Article|text that appears in your article]]
    • [[Design Your Own Home|design a house without an architect]].
  2. Take note that a pipe, which is a small vertical line, separates the title of a linked article from the text that appears in your article.

    • The character | is located above the Enter key on your keyboard.
    • On the left of the pipe is the title of the linked article.

      • Do not use "How to" prior to the title as it will be automatically added.
      • Use exact capitalization, spelling and syntax in a code.
      • If in doubt, copy and paste the title of the linked article. Sometimes, page titles can have double or even triple spaces in them. Be sure to contact an administrator or a New Article Booster to move the titles of such pages.
      • MediaWiki's engine automatically capitalizes the first letter of a pagename. [[swim]] and [[Swim]] are the same thing. [[Prepare to Go Swimming]] and [[prepare to go swimming]] are not.

    • On the right of the pipe is the word or phrase, that will appear in green, in your article.

      • Add "How to" if appropriate.
      • Use any case for this text.
      • Embolden text with syntax, if desired.

EditInternal Linking Guidelines

  • Links should make sense within the context of the wording around the link.
  • Some questions to ask yourself when deciding what to link:
    • Will it be helpful to them when they click it? If so, good.
    • Does it give them more information to help them achieve the how-to task or learn more about the words highlighted? If so, good.
    • Will the reader be able to approximately guess what article you are sending them to before you do it? If not, the link may be too out of context.
    • Or is it a out of context and off topic link that will confuse them?
  • Consider the following examples:

Good Example Links

  • This is a good [[Learn Cooking Basics|beginner cooking lesson]]
  • Exact wording links: [[Relax|Relax]], [[Smile|smile]] and [[Be Yourself|be yourself]]
  • Links directly related to the word being linked: Not all [[Be a Cheerleader|cheerleaders]] are [[Get Fit|fit]]

Bad Example Links

These links should be avoided:

  • Links that link to the same word, but with a different meaning.
    • You can color the sun [[Eat an Orange|orange]]
  • Links that are completely out of context or off topic.
    • The dishwasher is a good place to sanitize your [[Fill up a Buffet Plate|plate]]
    • Hide the Easter [[Scramble Eggs|eggs]]

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