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Image Licenses Used on wikiHow

Unfortunately, the vast majority of images found on the Internet are not freely licensed. Here is a list of acceptable image licenses used on wikiHow:

  • Creative Commons:

    • Attribution License (CC-BY)
    • Attribution - No Derivatives License (CC-BY-ND) - Do not modify these images.
    • Attribution - ShareAlike License (CC-BY-SA)

  • Fair Use - Some narrow cases of copyrighted images, such as screenshots of websites or software programs, and some promotional images.

  • GNU Free Document License (GFDL) - Also used on Wikipedia.

  • Public Domain - Anything explicitly in the public domain, such as U.S. government images, images over 100 years old, etc.

  • Many other similar licenses that allow unlimited sharing and modification.

  • For any other licensing, obtain explicit permission from the copyright holder and attribute their work.

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