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Unfortunately, the vast majority of images found on the Internet are not freely licensed. Prior to uploading an image to wikiHow, explicit permission must be obtained from the photographer or copyright holder.

This allows us to use images as described in our Terms of Use; and to freely modify and redistribute them under our Creative Commons License or a similar free license. Copyrighted Fair Use images are allowed if they follow the provisions of U.S. Copyright Law.

It is almost always a violation to copy and paste an image from another website and use it on wikiHow. Please do not put wikiHow at potential legal risk! To help, use these templates for images with problems. Please recommend our Free Image Tool and current images.

Image Deletion Policy

  • Plagiarized images will be deleted.

  • Images that are not freely licensed will be deleted.

  • Copyrighted images will be deleted if permission has not been obtained from the copyright holder.

  • Images will be deleted if attribution and licensing information remains unknown.

  • Images not used, within seven days of upload or import, will be deleted.

  • Images must be linked to an Article or Discussion page, or an editor's User or Talk page.

  • Click here to review our Video Curation Guidelines.

Objectionable Images

Images with these types of objectionable content are prohibited and exempt from the Nomination for Deletion process. They will be deleted immediately by Admins, using their judgement for potential conflict:

  • Adult or pornographic content
  • Potty or bathroom humor
  • Hate, mean-spirited or discrimination
  • Recreational drugs - their usage, creation or development
  • Vanity images - personal images on a User or Article page are allowed
  • Universally illegal
  • Impossible or unrealistic tasks
  • Portrayal of extremely dangerous activities
This is an Official Policy that has been approved by the wikiHow community.
All contributors and administrators are expected to adhere to it.

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