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This is a fun group where users can share their creative image works with millions of other users on wikiHow. The main goal of the team is to achieve double digit number of articles remaining to be added with images in the image picker application. Our main goal is to provide images to articles which fail to get an image through image picker application.

Here is an article for operators and new users: How to Create Images for wikiHow Articles


Genius_knight(the post will stay till the team members get settled down and get used to the teams goal)


  1. Genius_knight
  2. Jake(Manager)
  3. Sarah
      • Every member will have a unique post of their interest, The posts are only for the smooth working of the team as we divide the team into various divisions like maintenance, publicity,managing traffic(mentoring and answering new users)and so on HOWEVER everyone will be served an equal status, the additional posts just mean extra work while maintaining the team's status.New posts will get posted as we get new members.

Everyone is equal in the team, Posts just mean an extra work

EditPlease submit Articles In Need of Intro Image

EditArticles That Could Benefit From Created Images

To check out the past works go to discussion page [1].


  1. If you want to join then just leave a message for Genius_knight or Jake on their talk page.
  2. Members have to add their created images in the discussions page along with the article's link to which it is added to.
  3. Follow the article mentioned above to get an good idea on how to create good intro images for the articles.
  4. You can use any tool you want to create images.
  5. As you see an article where there can't be an intro image possible or the article serves best without an intro image then feel free to add nointroimg at the starting of the article while enclosing it under {{}}.
  6. Last word of advice stick to the quality and creativity.And make sure that the images created are quite understandable by general audience.Always ensure a high definition superior quality image, just like you. :D
  7. Best of Luck! ^_^

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