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Whether you're an artist skilled in traditional pencil-and-paper techniques or a wizard with Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP or Paint, wikiHow could use your help.

By adding step-by-step drawings, diagrams, or screenshots to wikiHow articles, not only will you apply your skills as an illustrator, but you'll also take part in building the world's largest how-to manual, and your efforts will play an important role in our mission to provide free and useful instructions to help people solve the problems of everyday life.

Getting started is easy. Read our tips for illustrating wikiHow articles. Once you scan your drawings or save your diagrams or screenshots, just register with us, upload each file and put them into the article next to each step. Here are some articles that would be significantly improved by adding illustrations:


wikiHow Image Resources

Note that many of these articles refer to photos in the titles; however, the techniques work the same for both illustrations and photos.

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