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Hey there! The kiwibird in with some new questions, and new answers. If you've read the other articles/wikiHow forum threads about me, you know how this works: A user asks a question on my talk page, their question will be answered, and, will be featured in the wikiHow Herald. Here are the questions for this last month:

Hinni asked: How do you receive the Herald?"

My answer:


Luvcoffee97 asked: "Dear Kiwihow, my crush likes me. But he had just gotten rejected by another girl and he is ashamed of me in front of his friends. The thing is, he really likes me and i really like him. Should I drop him or stick with him?"

My answer:

KiwiHow Answer 2.jpg

Club_penguin7 asked: How can I Receive the Wikihow Herald?"

My answer:


Imaginationoriented asked: "Are there certain times to take the NAB test? Can we take it infinite time?"

My answer:


Benas51 asked: "Where i can find userspace?"

My answer:


Feel free to ask more questions on my talk page - I love to answer your questions! Keep an eye out on the forums for new things regarding the Herald.


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