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WiKittens is a project dedicated to improving and expanding all cat related articles. We edit articles about caring for cats, drawing cats, and just enjoying their company.

EditResearch Project

The research project is aimed at the editors who research the topics they write about. Our current goals are to reduce the number of articles needing accuracy patrol, and to reduce the number of facts needing confirmation. To become a member, visit the project page.

EditAuthor Requested Collaboration

This is a new template that authors can use to request, or draw in, editors to their articles. The home page of the project can be found here.

An author has requested collaboration to work on the page of Herald/Happenings.

Click here to edit!

EditMentoring Project

Mentoring helps spread the knowledge. The goal for the Mentorship program is for those who would like to 'lower' their learning curve with wikiHow by working together with those interested in helping them out. This program is completely voluntary and a name can be added and taken away, as the mentor is able to assist or not.

EditFAC Project

EditSchoolMadeEasy Project

If you want to be a member, please visit the project page. Thanks for participating!

EditDeveloping wikiHows Project

This project is a platform for all non-English wikiHows - to make them grow faster. Here you can learn how to build a community, to whom you can address your questions and how to support a foreign wikiHow version although you don't understand a word of that language.

EditUnique People Project

The UPP (AKA Unique People Project) is a project developed to improving articles on uniqueness, which are somehow related to people's style, attitude, or hobbies (ex. How to make your jeans unique). The goal is that the project will improve a percentage of those articles which show uniqueness and as a result, influence the many visitors to wikiHow looking to become more unique. So, if you're interested, just visit the project page by clicking here.

EditThe Save HTML Team

The SHT is a team dedicated to improving the quality of HTML articles on wikiHow. We hope to improve the articles resulting in more visitors to wikiHow looking for information on HTML. We are looking for members with past HTML experience. Visit our project page for more information.


WikiEquine is a team/project devoted to equine (or horse) related articles. We work on a wide variety of articles; from cleaning tack to training and handling. To join, just read the instructions on our page.

EditUIB Contest

It's the UIB contest. We are currently in our second round. Vote in the General Chat topic UIB Contest is back. We have 6 people in the race, and the top three people will go up for judging by the judges. The results will be announced on November 21st. So keep following in the forums, and if you have entered, good luck.

Our mission is simple: we are a team of editors who look for articles to select as Featured Article Candidates, go through the current list and vote on articles already tagged as FACs, and help remove FAC tags after they have reached their 3-month expiration date. The goal of this project is to improve all school related articles so they become practical for the average student. That means less of the advice you hear from teacher's lectures and more tips from student to student that give practical advice. This includes articles on cramming, procrastinating, and other essential skills the successful student must master, along with all of the articles about how to get A's, be honor students, take challenging classes without being bogged down.

EditOngoing Initiatives

Collaboration Corner Forums

Check here to find short and very short-term activities if you have any time to spare. You can also learn about larger projects by going here.

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