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Are you a stickler for accuracy? So are we! Here at wikiHow, we've got a list of articles that have been voted "inaccurate" by our readers. If you're an expert in a particular topic, or know how to fact check and find good references, wikiHow could use your help.

To get started, click on a link below and edit the inaccurate articles. Add more steps, throw in insightful tips, find good references or insert any necessary warnings. Be bold. If necessary, wipe out all of the content and start over. When you're done, remove the "{{accuracy}}" template from the top of the page and click "Save" and you've helped move wikiHow a little closer to achieving our mission.

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  • How to Zip Big Files With Winzip/Winrar
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  • Delete a Playlist from an iPod Nano
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  • How to Tell a Friend You Need Some Space

More Accuracy Patrol Options

If you'd like to go in-depth into this process, see our article on patrolling and improving inaccurate articles. Or check our full list of low accuracy articles for even more topics!

How to Get Started Editing

If you've never done it before, it may seem intimidating to edit something online. But editing wikiHow is pretty easy, and there are lots of helpful members of our community who are happy to assist. You don't even need to create an account. All you need to do is click on the "Edit" link on the top of any page and our software will automatically display the article broken up into sections. Make any changes you think would be helpful, click save, and you're a wikiHow editor!


How to Find More Information

  • wikiHow Writer's Guide - Details about our formatting and style
  • The wikiHow Tour - A short, self-guided introduction to wikiHow
  • How to Do Accuracy Patrol on wikiHow - Some detailed tips on reviewing inaccurate articles.
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