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You are one of the few to be selected for the
wikiHow Hall of Fame.

You have welcomed many editors, made many edits and contributed to the forums.

Thank you for being such a great contributor!

Inductees Already on page: Loiswade42 Ttrimm KnowItSome Flickety Myrmidon101 Dreamgal2 JackHerrick Krystle Horses4Ever Tderouin D rae VC


It's his sandbox we're all playing in... Jack started this site that we all enjoy so much. For this, and a multitude of other amazing behind-the-scenes things he does to keep the site afloat... THANK YOU!


She writes... she encourages... she has coached and welcomed more people than any of us can count... She richly deserves this place of honor!

Thanks Krystle!


Wow... Horses has been a powerhouse in our IRC... keeping the juveniles at bay and the topic clean and decent. In addition, she has done a bazillion things on the site to cleanup, encourage, and add. Definitely HOF material! Thank you Horses4Ever!


LOL! What has he NOT done for this site? We would not have half the good engineering, scripts, upgrades or bells and whistles on this site if it were not for Tderouin's hard work. Thank you!

D rae

Quite simply, this one has been a cheery, warm welcoming influence for hundreds and thousands of users. She's done pretty much everything imaginable on the site... and we're all grateful.


Hidden away in a technologically remote place with limited internet... VC has still been a powerful influence for the better on a global scale. We are in AWE!


I got hooked by wikiHow when I clicked on the button to add the "How to of the Day" to my Google home page in 2007. The article "How to make a Duct Tape Wallet" was featured that day and my son begged me to make one for him. I did... and I've been lurking around wikiHow ever since. I relish the fun of teaching others how to do what I've done and wikiHow is an amazing forum for doing so.


I found wikiHow about a year and a half ago and have been very happy to be part of this great project. I love the community and its mission.

What I am most proud of is my work in the NAB and the projects that have helped wikiHow. I am also very proud of the articles that I have written.


I dropped in on September 9th, 2006 when I was trying to help my cousin set up a stock tracker on her Yahoo homepage. That is when I happened upon a How-To of the Day button which brought me straight into this wacky little wikiWonderland. I did not think I would stay long, but the wiki energy sucked me in. I wish I could say that it was all good energy........but truth be told, things were a little on the cranky side. However, being quite a determined person, I was not going to let that chase me away. I liked the concept and decided that I was in this for the long haul.

Shock overcame me when I happened upon a link to the contributor tables and I learned that I had, in just a week or two become one of the top contributors of the site. This is when I knew that I was really in trouble. (Note that I later made heavy contributions to Control a wikiHow Addiction). Much of my high contribs count was due to a crazy obsession which grabbed hold of me early on. I was set on triumphing over the 800+ articles which had been dumped into "Other"; I moved each of these into a more appropriate category. Just a little while after that, I was stunned to find that I had been named an admin....something I had never aspired to.

My most fruitful wikiDecision was that of deciding to make newcomers feel more welcome upon arrival than I had felt. I have found several effective ways of reaching out. My most heartfelt reward comes when one of our new editors decides they like wikiHow, and want to stay and call it home for awhile. I could write a few great articles, and help the site a little, or I could help a lot by reaching out to any number of others. And this is what I prefer to spend my time doing, because many of these talented people end up blossoming in wonderful and unpredictable ways. Collectively, they can give so much more to wikiHow than I could ever dream of giving.

I want to thank Ms. Prez for doing me the great honor of designating me the first honoree in the wikiHow Hall of Fame. I am very moved, because I have always held a very special place in my heart for Ms. Prez.


Not being big on bragging, I'd rather just say a big thanks for the honour, Ms Prez (aka one-day-to-be-real-prez). You're a genuine treasure for making this Hall of Fame to acknowledge others; I hope to see many more contributors gracing it over time, as many are deserving on wikiHow. For now, I'm very honoured to be on it because it represents a great kindness and is a lovely & thoughtful expression of the wiki-spirit.

What else? Well, I'd like anyone who reads this to know that I like wikiHow - a lot - & to know that I'll always strive to be a useful, supportive and open member of the wikiHow community. wikiHow's a great place to be. Go wiki!

Felicity (Flickety in case you cannot guess)

Rob S Rob S aka Myrmidion is one of those users who has done so much that it's hard to know where to begin thanking him! This honor is only a teensy sliver of the respect we feel toward such a helpful editor and admin. Thanks!


At the age of 76, I am by far the oldest of the wikiHowians, but am accepted as one of them, equal in all ways. The quote above, might have been said by another, but it has become mine and I live my life by it. When we stop learning, we wither and die. When we stop playing, we get old.

I visited the Internet,December, 2006, looking for a recipe for Cole Slaw, and came upon wikiHow. I took the recipie, wrote another, and never left. I remained an editor by choice, instead of selecting to be an Administrator, because editing, writing, and creating is my love and has always been a part of my life.

I feel in love with wikiHow, its concept and those who contributed, as well as its founder Jack Herrick. With his knowledge, I adopted him as my virtual son, the son I always wanted but never had. We worked together closely, and introduced adding pictures to articles to enhance them. I helped in many other ways, to help form the wikiHow as it is now.

I learn much, as I research and I get as much, as I give. I spend endless hours on here, writing Featured Articles, editing articles until they shine, and adorn them with pictures to make them complete.

I started a new phase of my life the day I found wikiHow, and my 50,000 Contributions were a result of my dedication, and long hours, that seemed to pass so quickly, that they felt like minutes. wikiHow has brought to me unexplainable happiness, and a feeling of belonging.

I have made many many friends here, and one of the newest, Eric Wester, has honored me with this Award, as well as the others. He is of an age, where he could easily be my grandson, but on wiki, we are equals, bound only by our love of wikiHow.

It took me a lifetime to finally reach and find my passion, but at least I can say, I have found it!!.....I reached out to wikiHow, and it embraced me and made me feel young again...What a wonderful feeling, and what a wonderful place to spend the last part of my life....Thank You Jack Herrick, for your visions, {almost as if you had me in mind}, when you created this wikiHow, and invited me along for the ride.

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