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Someone who likes the darker side of things. They usually listen to goth music such as Bauhaus. Real goths are not depressing and suicidal as many people believe. Most goths are fun to be around and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. They all don't worship Satan, and they aren't evil despite what others say. Goths don't necessarily dress in all black.
Behavior Saviors:Goth

Articles in Need of Saving

Be Goth at School

Dress Goth for a Casual Party

Get Goth Hair

Make Goth Spikes

Be Glitter Goth

CE Team to the Rescue!

Be Deathrock

Completed Articles

Make a Gothic Fairy Costume- FA

Apply Simple Romantic Goth Makeup for Prom

Put on Eyeliner for Goth Guys

Be a Gothic Lolita at a Young Age

Be a Dead Barbie for Halloween

Be a Goth Rocker

Do Goth Makeup

Make a Room Gothic

Know if You Are a True Goth

Dress Goth

Be a Cool Goth

Get Into the Goth Scene

Be Goth Without Looking Scary

Dress Like a Metal Head

Survive High School As a Goth

Be Like Amy Lee from Evanescence

Look Like Lacey Mosely from Flyleaf

Be a Metalhead

Be a Romantic Goth

Be a Pleasant Baby Goth

Led by Jared C., Achromasia and Crimson

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