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Dia daoibh go léir! Cabhraigh liom agus le wikiHow leathanach gaeilge a dhéanamh! John Frasin is ainm dom. Is as Port Lairge, in Éireann, mé. Níl mé ach ceithre bhliain déag d'aois ach ceapaim go bhfuil mo chuid Gaeilge go hiontach - nach cheapann tú freisin. Hello and God bless to all! Help me and wikiHow create an Irish page! John Frasin is my name. I'm from Waterford, in Ireland. I'm not but (i.e. I am) 14 years of age but I think that my Irish is wonderful - don't you think so too.

Did you guys like my Irish up above? If anyone wants to contribute or help in any way or if any wants info on Gaeilge or help with the language I'm available through site email.

Slán libhse go léir! Goodbye to you all.

Tá mé ag lorg daoine chun cabhrú liom, le bhur dtoil! I'm looking for people to help me, if you please!

Níl mé cinnte cén t-ábhar a thosú le agus, i ngeall ar sin, an bhfuil aon moltaí ag éinne? Plé é ar an leathanach díospóireacha nó seo teangmháil dom tríd an suíomh idirlíon seo. I'm not sure where to start and, in light of that, does anyone have any suggestions? Discuss it on the Discussion Page or send the author a message through the site messaging app.

Note: The Irish language can be referred to as Irish or Gaeilge- Gaelic is not a correct Anglicisation but a term which covers a range of languages (seven but most are now sadly dead), not just Irish.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir! Níl neart go cur le cheile! Thank you all - there's no strength without unity - and together we will make the dream of an Irish wikiHow a reality!

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