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This is an example article that has the specific purpose of showing authors how they can put together a celebrity or character article. It is based on the Character Article quality standards described at Write a Character Article (a "Be Like" Article) on wikiHow

Consider these before you launch into writing a celebrity or character article on wikiHow:

  • Who - who is the person you are writing about? Describe the person or character briefly and why they are famous or what the interesting characteristics are. A link to a description on Wikipedia or similar site is very helpful.[1]
  • Why - think about why the reader wants this article. It is not about you wanting to share your personal impressions on a celebrity or character. The why should be for good, solid examples, such as: Helping someone achieve a style, dressing someone for a fancy dress party or Halloween; or demonstrating fashion tips that are a major characteristic of the celebrity in question, such how to get a particular hairstyle, nail art, lip features etc.
  • How - the key element of the article that enables it to truly belong here. The reader must be able to do something achievable, as in put on a red t-shirt, match it with a red bow and draw on red lipliner to look like the character. How to do/create etc. not how to float around and just be. We can all do that in our own imaginations!

Now let's write our article about a celebrity. Let's call her Moosey Klein for ease of reference. Here is how we'd go about writing How to Look Like Moosey Klein...

(Who)Moosey Klein is a well-known actor in major Hollywood films, such as Moosey Rescues Other Girls' Poor Sense of Fashion and Moosey Makes a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.[2] Moosey has a distinctive style that includes wearing moose antler hats, moose patterned shirts and boots shaped like moose hoofs. (Why)If you'd like to copy Moosey's look for everyday wear, or you just want to be inspired by elements of her style, or maybe you just need to look like Moosey for a fancy dress party, (how)this article will provide you with some pointers on achieving Moosey's look.


  1. DSC_3422.jpg 3941.jpg
    Copy Moosey's clothing style. Moosey's signature look is the red t-shirt. Although she is not always seen in a red t-shirt, more often than not the paparazzi photos show her in one. Sometimes she wears a short one, sometimes a long one. You can see one of the variations in this photo. Moosey is said to like Yves St Antler's red tees the best[3] but you can easily copy this with a good quality t-shirt bought at your local clothing store. Just be sure to choose the round neck and not the V-neck, as Moosey has stated clearly she doesn't wear V-necks.[4]
  2. Sarah Moose 8678.jpg
    Be inspired by Moosey's hairstyle. Moosey's hair is often seen swept up with some flowing down in the magazine and internet photos, with her antlers gently balanced on her head.[5]. This photo demonstrates clearly how Moosey looks in 2008. To achieve this you will need to:

    • Dry your hair using a round brush to sweep the upper half of your hair toward the antlers
    • Brush your upper hair upwards as you dry using the round brush
    • Brush your lower hair downwards using a paddle brush
    • Add strong gel to keep the upper hair around the antlers in place
    • Part the hair around the antlers to ensure that the antlers are not caught up in the final hairstyle
    • Print off this photo and ask your hair stylist if you can't do it yourself.
  3. DSC_3343.jpg 704.jpg
    Keep the makeup minimal. Moosey's photos and films show her with very little makeup, suggestive of her overall "natural" style. You can achieve this by using pale lipstick colors, light colored eye-shadow and leaving off the mascara and lipliner. Avoid using heavy powder, but you might like to add a little blush because this brings out the "natural, healthy glow" that Moosey's image favors.[6]
  4. 4
    Copy Moosey's accessories. Moosey was seen at the Hollywood Nature Gala Event in May 2008 sporting a velvet stuffed moose key fob hanging off her left antler. Although these key fobs are quite expensive to purchase brand new, you can sew your own quite easily with just a facewasher, thread and cord. Simply fold the facewasher into a triangle shape, sew it up each side to create a pocket that looks like a cat's ear and stuff it. Mold antler shapes and sew into place. Attach the cord to the head, adjusting to fit around your antler.
  5. Cool Moose Car 4350.jpg
    Arrive in style. Moosey owns a very expensive Model Moose with a large moose on top, as seen in this photo. Likely you can't afford such a car (especially given that hers was custom made[7]) but you can add a moose to your car made out of papier mache or foam. More hints on how to make it can be found at Sculpt a Moose out of Various Household Materials.


  • Things we don't write generally because they add nothing to achieving look or style, they are self-evident, and/or because they are speaking down to the reader:
    • Be yourself.
    • Don't tell others you are trying to be Moosey. They will laugh at you.
    • Wear (insert brand name)
    • Wear deodorant and shower every day

EditThings You'll Need

  • Red t-shirt
  • Round hair brush
  • Paddle brush
  • Natural makeup

EditSources and Citations

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