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Can your iPhone or iPod touch help you to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, deliver a baby, change a tire, or even escape from a bear, even when you are out of reach of the Internet? It can if you have the wikiHow Emergency Survival Kit installed! Be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations, and have all of the rest of wikiHow's 193,203 articles available when you are online. Download the free wikiHow Emergency Survival Kit for iPhone and iPod touch today.

EditThe Emergency Survival Kit

The wikiHow Survival kit. Because you never know what might happen. Be prepared with articles stored right on your phone, so you have always have them, with or without a network or Wi-Fi connection. Includes detailed how-tos on:

Practical topics. Instructions on first aid, vehicle problems, bad weather and wilderness survival.

Uncommon scenarios. These scenarios don't happen every day, but you'll be the only person who knows how to respond if they do.


EditStandard Features

The Emergency Survival Kit, like all of all of our apps, enables you to find and enjoy all of the great content on wikiHow in many ways. Here are some of them:


Featured articles:


  • Search and browse all of wikiHow's 193,203 articles.
  • Shake for random article.
  • Bookmark articles to store for later reading.
  • Learn new skills every day with wikiHow's Featured articles.
  • The very best of wikiHow's articles!
  • Updated at least twice a day.
  • Watch YouTube videos embedded in select articles.
  • Videos offer entertaining tips and information.

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