The purpose of this page is to compare the topics that wikiHow has versus other How-to guides. This resource will later expand to include books, such as Physician's Home Remedies and the Joy of Cooking.

While I am starting this project initially, anyone should feel free to suggest books or add comparisons using their own research. This page can also be used to create ideas as to what kind of articles we need at wikiHow.

EditPopular Mechanic's

EditOnline Worst Case Scenario Articles

taken from http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/worst_case_scenario/
Title of Popular Mechanics Article Is this Topic on wikiHow? Title of wikiHow article
Survive a Riot Yes Survive a Riot
Survive an Airplane Crash Yes Survive an Airplane Crash
Stop a Car with No Brakes Yes Stop a Car with Brake Failure
Find Your Way When Lost in the Woods Yes Find True North Without a Compass
Jump from Rooftop to Rooftop Yes Do a Running Catleap
Survive a Volcanic Eruption Yes Survive a Volcanic Eruption
Survive a Sandstorm Yes Survive a Dust Storm or Sandstorm
Foil An Alien Abduction No N/A
Cross a Piranha-Infested River Yes Safely Swim With Piranhas
Survive a Plunge Over a Waterfall Yes Survive a Long Fall
Survive a Fall Through Ice Yes Survive a Fall Through Ice
Escape from a Car Hanging Over a Cliff Yes Get out of a Car That's Hanging over a Cliff
Survive a Riptide Yes Survive a Riptide
Navigate a Minefield Yes Escape a Minefield
Control a Runaway Camel Yes Regain Control of a Spooked Camel
Survive in a Plummeting Elevator Yes Survive in a Plummeting Elevator

EditThe Joy of Cooking

1997 ed., Rombauer and Becker
Title of Recipe Is this Topic on wikiHow? Title of wikiHow article
Drip Coffee of Cafe Filtre No N/A
Vacuum Method Coffee No N/A
Percolated Coffee Yes Perk Coffee
Steep Coffee No N/A
Coffee in Quantity No N/A
Instant Coffee Yes Make a Good Instant Coffee
Espresso Coffee No N/A
Cappuccino Yes Make a Cappuccino
Turkish Coffee Yes Make Turkish Coffee
Cafe au Lait No N/A
Cafe Brulot, Diable or Royal No N/A
Cafe Contintental No N/A
Irish Coffee Yes Make Irish Coffee
Iced Coffee Yes Make Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee Viennoise No N/A
Blender Frozen Coffee No N/A
Tea Yes Make a Good Cup of Tea

EditTime Life Books Complete Home Repair Manual

Title of Time Life Chapter Is this Topic on wikiHow? Title of wikiHow Category
Interior Repairs Yes Category:Interior Walls Ceilings and Floors
Paint and Wall Paper Yes Category:Painting and Other Finishes
Heating, Cooling and WeatherProofing Yes Category:Appliances
Electricity Yes Category:Electrical Lighting and Fans
Plumbing Yes Category:Plumbing Drains Waste and Vents
Tools for Home Repairs Yes Category:Tools
N/A Yes Category:Furniture and Cabinets
N/A Yes Category:Exterior Walls and Roof

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