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wikiHow is a collaborative effort to create the world's largest and highest quality how-to manual. To increase the quality of wikiHow, through articles, as well as internet search engine indexes, the goal of this project is to provide direction and focus for cleaning up Club Penguin pages and categories. It is recommended to join Club Penguin so you can see what is going on in the game.

To Do List

  1. Become very familiar and establish a knowledge with Club Penguin's rules:
    • Respect other penguins: No tolerance of being mean to one another nor bullying. People join the site to have fun.
    • Clean language is required: Inappropriate language and rude behavior is unacceptable. Discussing drugs, sex, and alcohol, as well as racist comments and swearing are included.
    • Be safe online: The exchange or sharing of personal information, for example email addresses, real names, passwords, etc. is not allowed.
    • Third party/external programs are prohibited to use.
  2. Clean up category/categories.
    • Find the best proper English title. For example, "How to Be a Mom on Club Penguin".
    • Identify any Club Penguin "slang terms". If possible and do-able, rename "baby-ish" titles.
    • Suggest a merge/NFD title to the corresponding "correct" title.
    • Merge/NFD articles immediately.
  3. Revise articles to a proper English state. It is possible to "clean up" articles by substituting the slang for its real term or removing it altogether.
    • Pure slang conversations can be removed.
    • All caps can be removed.
  4. Create list of all CP articles.

Club Penguin Slang Dictionary/List

Please edit/add for everyone's reference. Club Penguin Wiki source[1]

  1. Baby = bai bai, baybee, bay bee, bah bee, bah bah, bai bey, pookie
  2. Agoo = Just ordinary baby language, not meaning anything.
  3. Big = biggy (Generally used in front of sister or brother), tiggy
  4. Brother = bro, broder, bwover
  5. Cat = Catty, Kitty, Kwitty, Cat Cat
  6. Dad = da da, dah dah, duh duh, du du, Daddy, Dar da
  7. Diaper = dippy, dippie, dippy, nap nap
  8. Dinner = din din. dinna
  9. Doctor = dock, doc doc, doctow, Abah docter
  10. Family = fam fam, fam, famiwy
  11. Fun = Fwun, Fan
  12. Hate = Gate
  13. Hello/hi = wello, hwi, wewo, hewo
  14. Hugs = wugz, wugs
  15. Igloo = iggy, igwoo
  16. Kiss = miss, kissys
  17. Kicks= Kickers
  18. Looks = wooks
  19. Love = Dove
  20. Mom = mu mu, moo moo, moo mee, mum, wam, wammy
  21. Okay = mkay, otay, Otway
  22. Pick me = Pwick mwe, pik me
  23. Please = Plz, Pwes
  24. Pretty = pwetty
  25. Puppy = uppie, uppy
  26. Rich = wich
  27. Rolls = wolls
  28. Rumbles = Wumbles
  29. Sister = sista, swista, wista
  30. Sleeps = sweeps
  31. Stomach = tum, tum tum, wummy, tummy
  32. Stranger = Stwanger (usually in all caps)
  33. Slaps = Flaps
  34. Smacks = Smackers, Snacks
  35. Teddy Bear = Teddy beaw, Teddy, ted ted
  36. Thank you = tank woo, thx
  37. Thinks = tinks
  38. Throw/Throws = Trow, Trows
  39. Trips = Trwips
  40. Vacation = Vaccy, Va,
  41. Yay = Way
  42. Yes = wes
  43. You = Woo
  44. waiter = Waitor, waitow, waito
    • A general rule of thumb is to remove r and replace with w, and generally removing the h altogether. Also, most club penguin mothers and babies prefer to capitalize the first letter in every word and add exclamation points to every sentence. Example: This Is An Example!

Also note that these words aren't proper slang, it's just because the ordinary words won't show up.

Issue Questions and Answers

  • Be, Be Like, Act Like, Become - Are they the same??
  • Annoy ANYONE be all in one article?


  • Livelifenails. Used to play Club Penguin and has two little sisters who are obsessed with it. Very familiar with how Club Penguin works. Can take photos for articles.
  • Pacmanfroggy Plays club penguin. Very farmiliar with glitches and hackers and slang
  • Teresa
  • Maluniu
  • Twoscompany
  • Andrew (Talk) - Club Penguin expert who has never played but is asking my sister who does play questions to improve wikiHow. Can get screenshots from my sister's account, and loves a good cleanup. Will help to destroy slang. Has an incredibly long profile description.
  • Antarctica
  • Cece
  • missy

Samantha - Ask me if you want me to add step by step images to Club Penguin articles.

  • Mike Mass
  • Tiagoroth - Volunteered slang hunter. Will go into Club Penguin periodically and watch for new slang to potentially help with the cleanup.
  • Peter Gray
  • Meg - Used to play Club Penguin, can help get rid of slang and/or add screenshots if needed.
  • Anugal- Can destroy slang easily.
  • Cheeky Smosher- Is very familiar with Club Penguin and can convert slang. Can add Step-By-Step pictures. (I erased iLoveTheTardis, because that's my old account)
  • User:Josh Burch - Used to play Club Penguin, very good with Club Penguin and can understand slang.
  • User:Victoria Sauder - Will still play Club Pengugin occasionally to stay updated, has a good understanding of grammar and slang, loves to add pictures, and can help add more information and clarity to the articles.
  • User:Bliss12 - Club Penguin Expert, Played Club Penguin When 12, and plays Club Penguin sometimes with my baby, Angel.
  • User:Cbrownie - Plays Club Penguin often to stay up to date. Ask of step-by-step images are needed.
  • Batreeqah - Plays Club Penguin and logs on regularly. Batreeqah participates in the games, events, and parties on Club Penguin.


This user participated in the Club Penguin Clean Up project!
  • Use the {{User CPC}} code to add it to your user page.

EditSource Articles

Add source articles here.

  • Adopt a Baby on Club Penguin
  • Be a Baby in Club Penguin
  • Be a Dad on Club Penguin
  • Be a Mom on Club Penguin
  • Be a Weird Baby in Club Penguin
  • Be a Good Parent on Club Penguin
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  • Be a Rich Mother on Club Penguin
  • Get Rid of a Club Penguin Baby
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