wikiHow:Categorization Versus Categorizing

This is an explanatory document to assist those helping with both making and adding categories to wikiHow. It explains the difference between the two concepts of categorization and categorizing and provides a few suggestions for ways that you can get involved.

EditWhat Is the Difference?

We use the terms Categorization and Categorizing on wikiHow to denote two different approaches to categories. While they are often used interchangeably, it is important to understand the difference because they involve different tasks and rules.

  • Categorization: This refers to the making of new categories and sub-categories and the tending of the Category Tree to maintain the integrity and robustness of the category structure as a whole. This is an overview and maintenance side of categories, to ensure a positive browser experience, correct location of like articles and keeping the site in good order.
  • Categorizing: This refers to the act of adding or removing existing categories to articles. There is a categorizing tool on the dashboard that interested editors can use to add categories to articles or the category can be added manually (limit of two per article). It may also involve joining a team or project that aims to bring down the amounts of uncategorized articles.

EditHow Can You Be Involved?

You can do a lot in category editing if this area is of interest to you:

  • You can remove miscategorized articles and give them the right category or categories. See How to Find Miscategorized Articles on wikiHow.

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