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wikiHow октябриин 15-hаа 2005 онhоо ухаангүй түргөөр хүгжэнэ.


EditОктябрь 2009 оной шэнэлэлгэ

Октябрь hарада, wikiHow 200 гаран гүрэнэй 19 000 000 уншагшадтай байна. These 19 million different people visited us a total of 23.7 million times in the month. While it isn't a directly applicable comparison, it is interesting to note that the daily circulation of the New York Times is 1.2 million, the LA Times is 1 million, the Washington Post is 760,000 and the Boston Herald is 236,000.

Edit2008 Summary

  • 124,340,325 people visited wikiHow in 2008. While not directly comparable, the daily circulation of the New York Times is 1.2 million.
  • wikiHow was read in 239 different countries. Note that only 192 countries are in the UN.
  • Quantcast ranks wikiHow as the 135th most popular website. Alexa ranks us as the 807th.
  • Many other websites reprinted our instructions or published them offline making our true readership numbers much larger.
  • Congratulations to all wikiHow contributors who made this great resource freely available to anyone! Each of you has truly helped millions of people learn new things and solve the problems of everyday life. Thanks.

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