Bureaucrats are wikiHow Administrators that have the power to grant to a user Administrator, Checkuser, Bureaucratic, Booster, or Welcomer rights. That said, this power is somewhat illusory, as Admins are actually selected via Admin elections as described in How to Become a wikiHow Admin. A Bureaucrat is merely the person that flips the switch to enter this information in the database.

Note: wikiHow currently does not have Bureaucrat elections.


Jack Herrick
My talk page.
Palo Alto, California, USA
(image is a Wiki Wiki bus in Hawaii).
Typical wikiHow activities:
I tend to patrol recent changes, welcome new users, chat on the forums, and brainstorm for ways to improve wikiHow
Author Summary: I love wikiHow because I'm passionate about building a huge how-to manual that anyone in the world can use for free. The free exchange of information is the best use of the Internet and I'm happy to play my part here at wikiHow. I also like meeting wikiHow authors from around the world, so drop me a line and say hello.

Krystle C.
My talk page
New York
Typical wikiHow activities:
Turning ugly ducklings into swans; Checking out new articles and welcoming new users; Putting in my two cents at the forums; Writing articles about a wide variety of topics, especially what I learn about farming.
Author Summary: I did some freelance editing for eHow back in the summer of 2004, and one thing led to another, and I ended up falling head over heels in love with wikiHow. The love affair is still going strong...Sometimes I find myself thinking throughout the day: "That's going to be a GREAT wikiHow article!" So as long as the flame sizzles, I'll be here, helping this place grow.

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