wikiHow:Brand Name Spam Blacklist

For background information on this blacklist, see this forum post: Removing "Sothink" software spam from wikiHow

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EditBlacklisted Companies

These are companies which have repeatedly violated our advertising guidelines over an extended period of time. As such any content on their products is completely banned from wikiHow. If there is an article with one of these brand names in the title, nominate it for deletion as an advertisement, or delete it outright if you are an admin. If you see one of these brand names recommended within an existing article, remove that sentence from the page. If there is a company you think should be blacklisted, add it to the "Companies to Watch" list below.

  • Moyea
  • Sothink

EditCompanies to Watch

If you suspect a particular company is spamming us in the same fashion as the ones above (repeatedly creating articles that violate our deletion policy from multiple accounts) add the brand name to this section; if enough evidence is gathered, Anna will add that brand name to the official blacklist above. Please also provide links to any evidence (articles and user pages).

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