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This has to be one of the best articles I have ever read about being a stepfather. It has the ring that comes with common and good sense. Thank you for your time and effort!!

Carl Belken said about Cope Following a Flood:

I live a half mile away from the Missouri River. This is one of the best articles I have ever seen on flood clean up. I was a city council person and secretary of our lions club during the worst floods ever experienced in our area. I've cleaned, filed insurance claims, saw to it that flooded out families got much needed supplies, and many other things too numerous to mention here. So please take this compliment as coming from someone who has been there. said about Make Deep Fried Eggs:

Great article! I was raised on deep fried eggs, but they were cooked in the bacon grease left from the bacon that accompanied the eggs. Nothing tastes as good as when it is cooked this way! We could even keep the yolk runny but all the white cooked with the basting in the manner you stated. Again, great job! said about React to an Ugly Baby:

This is the funniest How-to article I have ever read! And having had this experience I wish I had read this before visiting my dear friends years ago! I love you! Keep up the good work. said about Disable Facebook Places:

Thank you - ALL of whom has done and do things as this, to enlighten how to protect us from the not friendly things that do go on daily if not hourly. I so much appreciate this as I had NO idea of this and will do exactly as your fantastic instructions given. Very Greatly Appreciated said about Make Spaghetti Tacos:

Jack - I love your video. My husband and I are the coordinators of our churches High School Cafe each Sunday and I am adding your Spag Taco's to the Menu! Thanks for sharing. said about Build a Slackline:

Thank you - I have gone to at least 15 sites on slackline set up. Yours is the first that made perfect sense. My son will be thrilled at Christmas! said about Clean Digital Camera Lens with a Vacuum Cleaner:

Thank you SOOOOO much for writing this! You saved me about $200 because I was about to go out and buy a new camera because of the giant black "slug" that showed up on all my photos. It is gone! said about Make Gingerbread Houses Using Graham Crackers:

This was a really helpful tutorial. I am so excited to make these with the kids! I have been wanting to make gingerbread houses for years and remember making them in elementry school! So thank you for inspiring me agian!! said about Make Bowls out of Vinyl Records:

you guys did an AMAZING job. This is such a sweet article and made me feel happy just to read it. I don't even need to make a vinyl bowl anymore. I am fulfilled. Consider a career in teaching (if it hasn't found you already). said about Stop Being Jealous:

Wow! This was seriously the most thorouhly explained article for the advice I was looking for. Thanks to all of you for your input. I think it will definetly help me have better control over my temper. said about Unclog a Bathtub Drain:

Thank you so much for the help in unclogging my bathtub drain. Ordinarily, I would have just called a plumber, but in these trying times, I need to save money. First, I tried to get as much hair out as possible--didn't unclog. Then I covered the drain with hot water and used a plunger. That cleared the drain!!!!!! Thanks so much for the advice. said about Get Rid of Roaches by Caulking:

Thanks so much for writing this, it was soooooo helpful and I havent seen a roach for 2 months now!! Before I'd see them everyday, eeeeeeek! I cant believe how many hidden holes were behind the restroom and kitchen cabinets. thank uuuuuu said about Broil Steak:

I could not resist the temptation to do it right after I read the instructions and watched the video. Wow! I can't believe that steak can be that juicy and tasty even if broiled in the oven. Thank you so much for sharing your secret. Blessings! Jovanka said about Solve a Rubik's Cube (Easy Move Notation):

Great site guys, been 20 years since I last picked one of these things up, used to know all the moves but with a bit of help from your site I solved mine! Great feeling, thanks again. said about Use Google Multiple Sign In:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing and publicizing this article as a wikihow of the day -- it was EXACTLY what I happened to need today! I have been struggling with how to sign into multiple Gmail accounts at once and this really made my day a lot easier.  :) said about Treat a Cold Sore or Fever Blisters:

I found lots of good information in this article. I have struggled with occasional outbreaks for forty years and was never sure if I was doing the right thing. You have given me lots of new options and remedies. It helps to know that others suffer with the same condition. said about Grow a Tomato Plant:

I have been struggling to grow decent tomato's for many years, talked to several nursery gurus, and consulted the co. agent; but still was frustrated with stem end splits, blossom end rot, etc. Your guidance addressed all my problems in specific detailed terms with remedies, and though the season is half gone I will adopt it immediately. My regret is that I did not have this info earlier. At 90 I do not know how many more seasons, if any, there might be; but I have a grand daughter who shares my tomato enthusiasm who will mirror my delight in having your info. Appreciativly, David said about Build a Composting Toilet:

I will be going on a mission trip soon and really enjoyed this article. Hoping to help a community there building something like this. said about Use Stunk or Stank Properly:

I loved it. I have tried to avoid using the past tense because it sounds so wrong. I will now be able to use it properly. Good work. said about Get Over a Break Up:

wow this article was awesome, I was soo bummed all day today and then I read this article, this really rocks. I knew it all , I just needed to hear it again. Thanks said about Get Over a Break Up:

I thought some of what you wrote would make me feel worse. But as I read on, what you wrote made me feel like I am a normal person. It made me feel OK. It was really important that I could feel that way. Tonight, I was crying so hard on a random stoop in New York City, that a homeless woman decided she should comfort me. I'm a writer and I write on these sorts of websites too, so I thought I should let you know the good you're doing. said about Unclog a Toilet:

I've "known" how to unclog a toilet for over 30 years -- but how many things do we "learn" once and never revisit, revise, or improve? I had a real difficult one today. I upgraded the plunger before reading your article. That didn't do it. The hot water and detergent did. Thanks, erik in San Diego said about Get an Escaped House Cat to Come Home:

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your very informative article. My indoor cat had got out of an open door, and had been missing for two weeks when I read your article. I had searched for 4-6 hours a day(and night) and had almost lost all hope of ever seeing her again. I purchased a humane trap, and after catching about every cat in the neighborhood, as well as two raccoons, I finally found her. She has lost a lot of weight and has a scratch on her nose but she seems very happy to be home. Thank you very much and put the word out not to give up!L. Haddix said about Be a Cool Teenager:

This website rocks and YOU guys are the ones who make it ROCK.

J Man123 said about Have a Memorable First Kiss:

Thank-you Becky123! I read your article and I loved it! I just recently got divorced, (well, on december 3rd,) and I began dating again. We soon had our first kiss, and we began making out AND french kissing! Thank-you for making this article! I hope that it becomes featured!

Mayor MicBridget said about Make Old Fashioned Hard Candy:

Thank you guys SO much! I am alergic to food coloring red #40, so i cant have much candy, and I am really happy that I can make my own now! And again, thanks! said about Forgive:

Thank you so much for writing this. The link randomly showed up on my iGoogle account, right when I was processing a lot of hurt feelings and anger from a break-up. It was divinely sent. The article has been very helpful for me, helping me to acknowledge and accept my feelings as well as to let them go and have a clearer vision of where to go with my life from here. said about Interact with a Person Who Uses a Wheelchair:

I NEVER post my reactions to blogs or such, but I am compelled to for the first time. I came upon this article completely by accident, and feel grateful that i did. It was very accurate and the authors obviously have great compassion and empathy. Thank you. said about Buy a House:

I would like to take the time to say Thank You to you all. Your web site is one of the few that offers free advice to a first time buyer, such as myself, and too those who just need a friendly reminder. I really apreciate the time and effort you all have taken for us many that seek advice and don't know where too turn with out having to dish out hundreds of dollars just to hear what you all have made available to us. So many Thanks to you again. M. Chavez. said about Main Page:

I just found this website when setting up My google and it is excellent! I shared the link with all my friends. My interests are gardening and cooking. I could read this stuff all day. THANK YOU said about Main Page:

Hi;) Just wanna say how much we LOVE your site! Thank you so much for spending the time to provide such a resource....don't know what exactly inspired you but so so happy that you have made it available for all to benefit from. Best wishes

Mel O'Keefe - Sydney Australia said about Buy Nothing:

Oh man.. I'm deferring a semester of school to work, and for the first time, I have huge amounts (anything over 20 bucks is huge for me) coming in. But I keep spending it! Your WikiHow was awesome. Thanks! said about Rapidly Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar Yourself:

I really appreciate the common sense approach and also the 'you can do this' attitude that your writing contains. I am not sure I will go out and purchase a guitar (or try to borrow one from a friend who would maybe have one in a closet) but your posting makes it seem more in the realm of possiblity for me.

Thank you for taking the time to write this!

I hope that this finds you well, enjoying the beauty in early autumn.


Stephen Nielsen

Austin Texas said about Spin a Pencil Around Your Thumb:

I think that it's wonderful that you are are people who want to share your skill and talent with others for the sheer joy of it. The world would be a better place if everyone was more like you! said about Main Page:

I cannot THANK YOU enough for wikiHOW and making the whole internet a more hospitable place to live.

Michael Hoshall said about Main Page:

To All of the Superb Authors of this great website, thank you so very very much. I really enjoy/appreciate the how tos. Thanxs, again. And please continuue. said about Fill out a Money Order:

This was an extremely useful site. I'm so glad I found it.

Thanks said about About WikiHow:

Hey- thank you for taking the time to get this started and to keep it going. I simply wanted the demensions to sew a pillow case. Your info was easy and to the point. Thanks again,

Laura Lamb said about Lose Weight Fast:

I would really like to thank you for writting this page you have really inspired me to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. Before I read this article iwas selfconsious of my weight and was skipping meals you have made me realize that this is not the way to lose weight. Thank you very much. said about Thank the Authors of a wikiHow Page:

Thank you very much for offering this nice service. My friend is making pizza's for her children today and didn't know how to carmelize onions. I'm a hero for sending her your recipe and instructions!!!

Hope you all have a nice holiday!

Lisa Smith said about Thank the Authors of a wikiHow Page:

Giving thanks to people who make a difference has never been easier. You have provided us with information and a small way of expressing our extreme gratitude for your hours of volunteerism. We users appreciate your time and expertise. Two turtledoves to you on this second day of Christmas. said about Thank the Authors of a wikiHow Page:

nice work. Especially when everything worthy isn't free. Thanks. said about Main Page:

I recently heard about wikihow on ABC7. I then looked you up so I could see for myself. During the short tour I have taken in this sight I can see that I will be visiting wikihow again very soon and very often.

I would like to thank the authors of the existing articles, even the ones I have not visited yet.

This seems like a very positive and interesting site.

Patti M/Pattima21@yahoo.com said about Uninstall McAfee Security Center:

I thhought I'd never get McAfee off my system. Thank you so much, it's been bugging me for about a year, since I switched to AVG Free & Zone Alarm.

Nice One!! said about Avoid Annoying Other Drivers:

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your efforts to educate people about courteous driving! I recently moved to MN, where people are very friendly UNTIL they get in their cars. I am amazed at how many have no courtesy at all, and your comments about driving in snow made me laugh out loud. May God bless you richly for making such important information concise and friendly. said about Eat Healthy for Life:

I was an R.N. for 30 years, with a passion for educating, and am currently a diabetic controlled only by food choices. In all of my reading, that was the most sensible and concise set of basic instructions I've seen. They can so easily be discussed with the doctor or dietician and modified if necessary, but you give your reader the understanding and control to succeed. Thank you. said about Main Page:

i look forward to reading your Wiki of the day via the rss feed that appears on the google.cim/ig website. Thanks for he enrichment! Tony

Jan Richards said about Eat Healthy for Life:

How to Eat Healthy for Life is greatly appreciated by me and thank you for making that contribution to wikiHOW! The article prompts me to start the New Year the right way in my "newly retired mode." It is wonderful to now have time to read more and to search the Internet for such remarkable content as you have shared with the wikiHOW e-Community. said about Take Perfect Lecture Notes:

Thanks! I never went to college and never really learned to take notes... These tips will really help me now that I find myself in a technical management posistion and attend a lot of meetings. This has always been a problem for me and has a negitive impact. Any tips on if you don't spell very good? I tend to spend more time trying to remember how to spell certain words as I write, then listening and actualy writing the note. said about Take Perfect Lecture Notes:

Thank you very much for your thorough answer. I got through high school, college and grad school using outlining that a thoughful Latin teacher taught us. I work with middle school kids in a school where more than half the kids are failing one or more subjects. (I am dedicated to preventing youth violence.) I am going to make your advice available to them. I rather doubt that they will take it all, but every little bit helps.


peaceworks01@sbcglobal.net said about Have a Great Conversation:

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this website. All your great advice really helped me and gave me many great ideas on how to be a better talker. I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into this. THANKS SO SO MUCH! said about Unlock Your Nokia Cell Phone:

Thank heavens for geniuses like you folks!

I was able to unlock my Nokia 8290 instantly with your help. Great website! THANK YOU!!! said about Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle:

while i am reading this stuff, i feel i got dropped into a gold mine. Everything is concise, easy to read, well laid out, moreove it covers a formidable range of freestyle rap as a subject.

Thank you so much. Let me know how i could do anything for your guys.

i am a Chinese student studying in New Zealand for 4 years, freestyle rapping is my dream and i have thought about making it come true, but i didn't get any instructions. it got delayed, but now it is the time. Haha, i ma gonna bomb on these New Zealanders sooner or later. said about Cure Hiccups:

THANK YOU FOR CURING MY HICCUPS! They are SO annoying and this article really helped! I also liked how you gave many different options. I tried the sugar-and-water method (alas, no lemon juice had I for the lemon juice method) and it WORKED! HOORAH!

Thanks again!

~Ana said about Solve a Sudoku:

Thank you! I've wanted to do these puzzles, but couldn't figure out how to get started. I'm going to give this a try. said about Make a Diaper Cake:

yummy! said about Stay a Virgin:

Hey, way to go! Thanks to all of you who contributed to this. I am a guy who is a virgin and I think it is cool that you wrote this article encouraging girls. said about Repair Your Credit:

I recently lost my husband of 25yrs. I am lost without him. He was the perfect husband who also took care of the bills. He paid every bill on time or earlier. Now I am on my own and must reaquaint myself as to how to go about re-establishing my own credit after all these years. This is my first time on Wikihow and your page is the first one I've read;and I'm glad I did. It is extremely informative and I have saved it to reference. It really has taught me a great deal and I thank you very, very much. I know how tricky it can be to traverse the world of credit/credit cards. Again, thank you. V.M. said about Restart a Furnace After Running out of Oil:

Thank you so much for the concise information. I ran out of oil on a Sunday and can only imagine how much I would have paid for someone to come to the house. You saved the day!!

Lin P. said about Treat a Girl Well:

My partner is 45 and doesn't know how to deal with relationships on various levels. We were about to split after 5 years , I found your pages and he is reading them and says it is making sense.

You have saved my sanity and my partner, a very big thank you.I know he loves me, he just never knew how to show it other than sexually. You all ROCK thanks again said about Overcome Serious Regrets:

I want to thank you for helping me,become a better person. i really appreciate that your posted these things up. Thank you! said about Overcome Serious Regrets:

Thank you for contributing your time and love to the bank of human fellowship. said about Recreate Your Life:

Thank you for writing a wonderful article.

It makes me see myself more clearly, and encourages me to not giving up my dream because of just getting used to my everyday life. said about Delete your Usage History Tracks in Windows:

Dear Authors, In the days of our greatest invasion of privacy this article is a welcomed event. Your instruction is simple, to the point, and most helpful. I for one am very grateful for your efforts and your generousity. Thank you,

Jim said about Make Yogurt:

I'm about to make my first batch of yogurt and so have researched many sites. This "how to" is the most user friendly I have found and will be following carefully. I'm excited! Thank you,

Donna  :-) said about Go Geocaching:

Thnaks for the basics. My grandsons and I have had a great time 'caching. Wouldn't have had any idea that it even existed if I hadn't seen your article listed on my google home page. thanks again, Ken said about Delete your Usage History Tracks in Windows:

OMG this site was a great find...........i sent this to myself and will send it to any friends that I think could use this info.........excellent work to all of the authors.......... a great idea especially for those of us who are computer challenged!!! thanks again.... I will put this site on my desktop!!! your fan judi said about Repair Your Credit:

I recently lost my husband of 25yrs. I am lost without him. He was the perfect husband who also took care of the bills. He paid every bill on time or earlier. Now I am on my own and must reaquaint myself as to how to go about re-establishing my own credit after all these years. This is my first time on Wikihow and your page is the first one I've read;and I'm glad I did. It is extremely informative and I have saved it to reference. It really has taught me a great deal and I thank you very, very much. I know how tricky it can be to traverse the world of credit/credit cards. Again, thank you. V.M. said about Braid Cornrows:

This is wonderful eversince I found this sight and learned how to do cornrows and dreadlocks, I have started a business and its going great I am making a living off of it I really want to thank you a lot. I usually get 8-15 customers a day and I make about 400 dollars a day every other week and i am so happy thanks so much!!!!!!!

luv the expert--------------

Sammantha taylor lee

Liz said about Teach Your Children to Do Laundry:

Great article! worked well on my kids, and now, just like you said, they LOVE doing the laundry. The newest member to the laundry-washing organization (as my 8-year-old calls it) actually wears 2 different pairs of clothes each day, and spills things on everything (much to my displeasure) so that he can do the laundry more often! thanks for your help. it will always be remembered. said about Deal With Being in Prison:

I can't really explain why, but running across this document reminded me how much we, as a society, need more straight forward information about topics that may not be subject suitable for ladies Sunday tea but are nonetheless needed. We need less bias, less tutorials on someone's idea of morality, and more practical, real-world discussion about what is a part of our lives and not what we want to believe or pretend to be otherwise. Thanks for having courage and being genuine. Some people *do* appreciate your taking the time.



brittany said about Dress Like an Individual at a School With Uniforms:

Thank you for making this page. I am going to start a school in September with uniforms, and I am very nervous about it and I have been wondering how to inprove the uniform in my own way. Thanks for all the great ideas!! :-) said about Apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa:

Thank you very much. Your tip save us a lot of time during our visa applying process said about Mingle With Strangers at Parties:


a great site thanks for your generosity of spirit to share wisdom and knowledge with other mortals

if more of us used these techniques the world would be in a better state! thank you for giving us hope. said about Make Play Dough:

This was great! It brought back so many fond memories of making play dough for my (now) 23, 19, and 17 year olds when they were little. It was especially great since I knew exactly what was in it and didn't have to worrry if they ate a bit of it (when they were toddlers). We also used to finger paint with pudding, "foot" paint on big papers on the eat in kitchen floor, and so many other inexpensive things for a young family with one income. Thanks again for the memories. said about Figure Out Your Sexual Orientation:

A quick note of thanks! I recently learned about this site from my local news (WFAA, Gadget Corner, Dallas), and on a lark typed in sexual orientation. To my surprise several hits came back, including yours. I was pleased with the tone of your article, and read it without aversion. Your analogy between a Pride parade and a Halloween party was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me. I’m a 32 year old, divorced guy who’s been confused of my sexual identity since childhood. I’ve had GLBT friends over the years, and while being great people, their ‘out & in your face’ attitude quickly became a broken record bore. I’ve been drug to my fair share nightclubs & even a Pride parade in San Francisco. While I support everyone’s right to be themselves, I believe the right to express ends at the next person’s nose! When I made the mistake of talking to a few friends about my feelings and questions, they seemed to feel the need to pull me out into the ‘gay’ world. I’m still not sure quite what that means! We all live in the same world!! I feel ‘if only everyone’ (like that will ever happen) would look less at people’s differences and more of our similarities we may discover how much we all have in common. --I’m getting off the point, sorry--- Your article has make me start thinking again! Instead of just going through life with the hard line difference between gay/straight, there may be a large blur like everything else in life! Thanks for presenting a soft approach to information. The in your face attitude on any issue can create a lot of resistance in people – worst of all, the real message can get lost in the shouting.

I’m not sure where life will take me, but now I have more to think about...

Chris Macintosh said about Handle Your Child's Temper Tantrum:

I wanted to tell the original author of this article and the subsequent contributors...Good Job! I happened accross this and the title caught my eye. I have a child who is high-functioning autistic. Tantrums were an everyday part of life with him. You managed to put into this article the things I learned over several years of trial and error. I just finished nursing school and I think even by a professional standard this is an excellent collection of practical advice.

I noticed this article has been accessed tens of thousands of times. Obviously I think this article will have a positive impact in many people's lives.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to put such good advice where people who need it can find it. :)

Chris said about Make a Paper Snake:

Thankyou! I have learned so wonderful great things from making a snake out of paper! Can I tell you something? If I was a really really rich I would give 1000 Grand! You know why! It is because all of the fun neat activites you guys planned just makes me want to stay on this site every day! P.S. Write me back if you get this letter From: Mirela Tea Hamidovic said about Fix a Running Toilet:

ok so after 3 days of being intimate w/ my toilet--and searching the internet for solutions I found this article--i wish it woul dhave been on the first search page--but nontheless--only YOU gave me the idea to pinch the metal clips that hold the float to lower it of course i tried to slide it earlier and it would not go but when i pinched the metal clip and moved the float down low and behold--the toilet stop overflowing --i actually thought about calling a plumber but YOU made the right call--THANKS for taking the time to help and GOD bless!

Irene Francisco said about Fix a Running Toilet:

Irene Francisco on Forum:

Post subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm a 79 year old recent widow. It's New Year's Day and I got up to discover my toilet wouldn't flush !!!!! Help, help, I have no idea how to cope with this other than use the plunger. So I said OK how do I deal with this. Wiki How, that's how and I just put in the word Toilet and pushed the button. Up comes the very information I need. I had already looked at the books on my shelf without any luck. My attempt with the plunger hadn't worked either. Two bottles of hot water and some detergent later my problem is solved and my deflated self esteem restored. You have made my year by showing me that I can live alone and survive. Something I've never had to do before has been attempted and successfully accomplished. Now I know where to come for the answers I will inevitably need as I continue on. This house I own was built in 1945 so I'm sure there will be other problems to solve but now I know the first place to look for answers. To whoever wrote that particular piece you have my heartfelt thanks. I hope this message will reach you. said about Get a Job With a Criminal Record:

I want to thank you for this article, it has encouraged me, and given me some new things to consider. I just got released 2/8/06 after serving 16 yrs, so I am dealing with this bigtime. I lost my job because I wouldn't put up with harassment and as a result I am on unemployment because the hr at the company didn't think I should be listened too. It has now been since 10/20/2006 that I was employed and I was getting discouraged, but recently I have hooked up with vocational rehab, and I just wrote an excellent resume after attending a seminar on writing effective resumes. Hopefully things will change for the better soon.

Pete Gregory said about Build a Great Relationship With Your Auto Mechanic:

I have worked as an auto tech most of my life. I think your article is the best expression of a great relationship builder I have read. I am now a tool dealer serving many shops and plan to make copies of this article to distribute among them. Thanks!!!! said about Start a Blog:

Yesterday I was told that an Art Party I had run here in Toronto, Canada had been posted to a blog. I visited it and see the merit of a log. Today I found your Wiki article and find it very helpful. By tomoorow I will be up and running, thanks to you. Gary Smith Artist and Art Coach

Age: 65
Fantastic "How To" page! I think I'll print it out and read it again on the lift at Keystone this afternoon. Your page was more helpful and concise than anything else I've seen in my search for how to do a 360... Thanks again for your time said about Do a Frontside 360 on a Snowboard: said about Prepare for a Date:

I am a grandfather, and I have a teenage grandaughter. In our time and culture in my country Philippines, the approach to dating is very conservative or not even allowed especially in the rural areas. In this modern time, the trend is different. I copied your "How to Prepare of a Date" and mailed it to my daughter and her daughter each, and told them that this is the most sane and more acceptable preparation before the date. My daughter and her husband wrote back and said that they will follow your article as a rule. Thank you for this great tip. said about Beat Homesickness:

Hello authors of 'How to Beat Homesickness'. I am 13 (turning 14)and unfortunatly I do get very homesick. I am from australia so i have just finished term two and have 2 weeks holidays. After that i have 1 week back and then i have camp. Now, i have never been very good with camps and can get very homesick. Even worse i get really scared at night that i will get homesick when im at camp. I even have it now. I really don't want to feel this bad and i do really hate camps. Your peice gave me inspiration to strive on and to try to beat this 'sickness'. I know that it is very common, and i was wondering, could it be hereditory? Because my mother used to get very homesick too. I really apreciate you wrighting this for people like me and mabey i can help others, and i shall try to keep a diary. Thx a bunch!

Bella oxoxo

Dvortygirl said about Save a Laptop from Liquid Damage:

Thanks for this article. Having but recently read it, I found my iPod in the washing machine, water sloshing around behind its tiny screen. It was in a pocket I didn't check.

With plenty of help from a couple of iPod websites, we shut it off and levered it gingerly apart. We let it dry out for a good, long while, reassembled it, and it still works. Thanks for the direction and the inspiration not to give up. said about Ignore People:

I really want to thank you for the information you have on Google each day. I am learning so much. I am 63 and consider myself quite adept at most things, but reading your pages has given me so much more information and a better guide for living. The page on 'Impossible People' is brilliant and very helpful. I am encouraging my 23 year old son to read these pages. The information is so helpful to become wiser &

learn ways to be kinder and more confident in all aspects of our lives. It is brilliant to see the diversity of topics. I look forward to them every morning and can't thank you enough. Andrea Miller, West Vancouver BC Canada said about Change the Cabin Air Filter in a Toyota:

Nice job -- thanks. Trying other sources is sometimes impossible or too technical. Again thanks

Cipher_nemo said about Combat Ready (Tactically Prepare) Yourself With a Pistol:

I don't use any firearms, but I can really appreciate this detailed article. Thank you for spending the time to create such an in-depth guide! Although I have no need for a pistol, our freedom to bear arms and even discuss them should be protected. Kudos. :-)

Patrick Hoffman said about Read a Screw Thread Callout:

Thank you for this article. It was very helpful. I sort of a consider myself "handy". Then, thanks to this article, I realized that I didn't even know how to understand screw sizes. I'm just a little more knowledgable now.

Thanks again! said about Fix a Running Toilet:

Hear that? I don't. No longer do I have to close two doors so I can avoid the noise of Chinese water torture occuring in my bathroom. All with a quick read and $3.50 worth of rubber from the local hardware store. Thank you so much for your brilliant guide. said about Tell People You're Keeping Your Maiden Name:

I made this article suggestion because I've never intended on changing my name upon marriage, and though I have no concrete plans to marry just yet, my boyfriend and I are doing very well together and all the women in his family have changed their last names. I know I want to stick to my choice, no matter what family I "marry into" but I hate the idea of offending anyone, particularly would-be family members. Your answer made me feel much better about my right to make and be comfortable in my own decision, and it also made me feel better about practical ramifications and offered suggestions for telling larger groups of people that I hadn't even considered! Thanks again! said about Use Than and Then:

I can't tell you how much I'd like to send this to so many bloggers out there! I got to the point where I was doubting my own usage of the two words, because I saw so many people, who I thought were quite educated, using them incorrectly. Thanks for the grammar lesson said about Stop Being a People Pleaser:

I want to thank you for writing and placing this article on Google. I accidentally noticed it but I am so glad I did. My daughter and I both needed to read it and learn from it. The whole article was so powerfull, true and applicable to us that we could not beleive it! We are going to do the homework you added at the end. Thank you again. Tera said about Main Page:

I love how you guys always have very fresh and humorous (not strictly 100% serious) material. Keep up the great work. Innovators like yourselves will be the ones who lead our future.

Logicspeedy said about Cope after the Death of a Pet:

Dear author of the page - How to cope after the death of a pet.I thought the page was informative and useful. None of my pets have died yet but my oldest pet (it's her birthday next week) is coming close to her expiration date, if you know what I mean. I looked this page up because when she dies/we put her out of her misery, I want to know how to cope with it.I have found this page useful and recomending it to all my friends with pets. thanks again,Logicspeedy. said about Become a Mechanical Engineer:

Yes a thank you is in order for all! I am a 34 year old man that has always loved mechanics of all kinds. When I was little my mom bought me toy cars/motorcycles and the first thing I did was dismantle them, I was 5,My father got me interested in electronics when I was 7, and my Grand father got me interested in designing, inventing and diagnosing problems on full size cars. But sadley none of them pushed me towards college, and with no direction I went nowhere for a while. Then I decided I wanted to learn the automotive trade and went to a community college for automotive tech. finished a year and then life happened and I had to drop out. I felt like it was not what I wanted or it was just a small part. The How to that you have discussed here is like a chapter out of my life. I have worked alongside chemical engineers, been an automotive technician, welder, cnc machinist, heat treater, quality audited, Six Sigma Green belt, invented/reinvented, tinkered, designed and problem solved!! I always thirsted for knowledge that would make me better and open my mind to more ways of doing things, but I had no information an no direction as to what study would be for me... until I found this How To for becoming A Mechanical Engineer THANK YOU!! Now I just have to find a grant! LOL!! said about Fix a Running Toilet:

your "how to fix a running toilet" guide helped me sooooooo much. Our toilet has been running for a long long time and my fiance and I would have arguments in the middle of the night about who has to get up to fix the noisy toilet. All it took was a stupid tightening of a screw!!! Thank you so much!! said about Restore an Abandoned Cemetery:

Your article was very, very informative. We have many abandoned cemetaries in our area. Which used to be rural and now is turning upscale urban. People are too busy with the I, me, mine to care about them. You pointed out things I'd never had thought of.I liked your ways of getting people involved. Thanks you've done a great service. V in TX said about Call 911:

I've been looking for something like this to use as a PSA for our community. I copied it and made a few minor changes to fit our situation. We will be handing it out at events sponsored by our volunteer ambulance service. Thank you very much!!!! said about Make a Pop up Drain Stay Closed:

Such a simple thing, yet it was driving me crazy! Thank you, thank you!!!!! said about Tell People You're Keeping Your Maiden Name:

This article has been a great help, both in practical and emotional terms. As suggested here, I associate a strong part of my identity with my birth name and have significant qualifications in my birth name. It is helpful to know that there are valid reasons for the name/identity association that I feel. I socialise in fairly conservative circles (including my fiance), and your article highlighted some important considerations and approaches to take. Thanks so much. Anne. said about Foundation Piece a Quilt Block:

I have always wondered how to piece a quilt like described. Now I know. I will print this article out and tuck it inside my sewing basket. Thanks!!!!! said about Make Book Earrings:

Hello,My mother-in-law and I are both librarians and are attending a library professionals reception together. These earrings are the perfect fun accessory! Thanks for sharing!-Sarah said about Make Book Earrings:

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WonderWoman said about Sterilize Baby Bottles:

Thank you so much. This helped me to avoid some "unsolicited" help because I looked like I knew what I was doing. Regards ... said about Become a Mechanical Engineer:

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OK, so I've had this gum stuck on a really nice pair of chinos for the last two months trying to figure out the best way to attack the goo when I found your articles. I tried the ice, it was working but taking to long. Next I tried the liquid detergent, I did not like the results. Finally, I tried the hot vinegar. It worked great. I had an area the size of the palm of your hand and it removed the gume in less than 1 minute and I used a rag instead of a toothbrush. Thank you so much!

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My sister tried this, and guess what? She won!

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