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This is the archive where we keep old "best of fan mail" pages. Alternatively, you can read the current WikiHow:Best of Fan Mail said about Sweep a Girl off Her Feet:

Krystle, I read "How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet" and I found it to be extremly useful in forming my "plan of action" for sweeping a girl off her feet. I am not good with girls, and I have been clueless as to what to say to this one special girl. Your How-To helped me see that I can do it. Thanks a lot! said about Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer:

Thank you for taking your time and writing this article. I truly appreciate your generosity in volunteering for this project. Your tips were excellent.

Zoia Dochterman. Director

bigbluewhale.com said about Convert Protected Audio Into a Plain MP3:

Thanks for the simple clear instructions on how to do somthing I've been trying to figure out for a while. They were easy to follow even though I am not that great with computers. Thanks again for freeing my audio files from DRM!! said about Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Weeks:

i have sent this page to so many people. my o my this piece is soooooo good. it make loosing weigth so fun. thanks soooo much. how can i help your vision in my own little way?

iyke from Nigeria said about Grill Steak:

Thanks a lot. I'm from China. I know how to cook most of the food, but don't know how to cook a steak. Now I can enjoy the steaks here. It's great. said about Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle:

I think the article is great! Personally I think a guy who can freestyle really well is really really sexy..and now more can learn! said about Avoid Registration in a Website Using BugMeNot:

You're great! I am soooo tired of giving out so much info on myself and then being rewarded for it with spam... well, you can imagine how happy I am to have this! Thanks so much,

Denise said about Get out of Debt:

Thank you *so much* for this article - I've been slowly working on getting the financial mess created by a series of break-downs sorted out, but this gave me the reassurance and guidance to do a MUCH better job of it.

The reassurance part was key - it gave me much more hope and relief than any other source has given me thus far. said about Do Nothing:

Coincidentally, I was thinking about this "Energizer Bunny" life we all go through at some point. This is the answer to my question. Not that I hadn't thought about it, but I didn't think it would come up today as a How-To instruction, so explicitly.

Thank you. said about Remember Lists of Words With the Memory Trick:

haven't tried it yet, but defenetely one of the most original memory techniques i have heard in a long time. said about Dispute Your Cell Phone Bill:

Great writeup. I have used these tactics many times with Sprint and have always succeeded in getting a fair resolution to my numerous problems. Their billing system used to be horrible, but it has improved over the years. Customer support was generally bad, (long wait times and poorly trained people), but I always ended up with someone who would help and finally worked it out.

And yes, sometimes it was MY mistake and you are OBSOLUTLEY right that even when you're wrong, they will sometimes help - IF you are polite.

Do unto others.....

These are real people on the other end of that phone, with families and lives and problems of their own. Once you figure that out, things go better.

Thanks for a great writeup.

Jim C said about Remove Furniture Dents from Carpet:

wow guys, thats genious, we recently moved a tv stand from a 7 year location and weeks later i tried your technique and it worked wonders. you guys rock my face off said about Get over Shyness:

I just wanted to say thanks, I mean I just glanced over the site but.. I really appreciate people like you. It does help us shy folks that for sure, in small ways but sometimes it really does help. I've been shy all my life pretty much, I'm 16 now and I'm just sick of letting people walk all over me and I'm sick of being afraid of girls. I'm a junior and hopefully I can get over this before prom! Oh well, thanks again for the tips. said about Install the MySQL Database Server on Your Windows PC:

Thanks for these instructions - very clear! I am just starting an Open University course in linking websites to databases and they sent a disc with lots of software but no instructions about how to install it. I am now up and running before the course starts, so I can be a good student.

Karen said about Drill Into Concrete:

Thanks for Drill-into-concrete tips. I've been appreshensive about a project I have that may involve drilling into concrete. Thanks a bunch! said about Rapidly Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar Yourself:

I really appreciate the common sense approach and also the 'you can do this' attitude that your writing contains. I am not sure I will go out and purchase a guitar (or try to borrow one from a friend who would maybe have one in a closet) but your posting makes it seem more in the realm of possiblity for me.

Thank you for taking the time to write this!

I hope that this finds you well, enjoying the beauty in early autumn.


Stephen Nielsen

Austin Texas said about Finance Nursing Home Care:

As a teacher I will say: Grade A! This article was informative, interesting to read, well planned with bullets and numbering devices that made it easy to interpet and very useful in the future. Thank you for all your time and energy on my behalf. I will pass it on. ( Payforward!)

Gmprunner said about Be Romantic:

Wow, this is a great article! I was sad that it ended because I wanted to keep reading more! But great job!

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