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Our goal is to improve how to "Be Like", "Act Like" or "Look Like" articles. Whether you want to emulate your favorite character or dress up like a pop star for Halloween, there are times when we all want to be like someone else.

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EditArticles in Progress


  • How to Be Like Paris Hilton - needs image, compressing, looking over.
  • Look Like Paris Hilton - needs more content, accuracy, looking over. Add act-like tips to Be Like Paris Hilton.


  • How to Look Like Britney Spears - needs more/better content, looking over.
  • How to Be Girlicious - needs more/better content, clean up.

Fictional Characters


  • How to Be Temari from Naruto - needs images, looking over.
  • How to Act Like Bridget from 8 Simple Rules - needs content, looking over.
  • How to Act Like Sponge Bob - needs detailed steps, looking over. Is image under fair use?


EditVideo Games

  • Act Like Ellie from the Last of US - needs content, below character article standards, copy editing.

EditCompleted Articles

  • How to Be Like Barbie
  • How To Act Like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • How to Be Like Snow White

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