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Have a good idea? This is a practice page for you to create and design a new award.

Search for duplicates first. Review other templates and their Edit pages for inspiration and codes. Then scroll to the bottom of this page to practice.

After a period of a couple weeks, the Award Team will add your new design to the existing template categories.

EditCompleted Rewards

Call this template using {{AwardWikiGnome}} to display :

WikiGnome Award

Why you won Thank you!
The Awards Team current project is to find all the awesome wikiGnome's like you! We currently saw that you have been awesome at editing and patrolling! Thank you so much for all of the work that you have done for wikiHow behind the scenes! We truly couldn't do it without you. Also, why don't you join the Awards Team and help recognize other amazing editors!

  • Use this code {{First Wikihow Article}}

First Wikihow Article Award
Congratulations on completing your first Wikihow article! Great job! Here is your First Wikihow Article award. You have sure earned it!

  • Use this code {{First Contribution}}

First Wikihow Contribution Award
Congratulations on your first contribution to Wikihow! It is much appreciated! Thank you so much! Hopefully you're on your way to many more!


Use this template to include a personal message.

Use this code: {{BackStage|personal message}}

To make:

Fashion show backstage 3439.jpg

This wikiHowian has done plenty of work backstage on tasks that often go unnoticed, but are just as important. This award recognizes your humble and continued dedication.

personal message

Thank you for all the amazing work you do behind the scenes!

Super WikiHow Hero Award

You have been amazing

in every thing you do on WikiHow.

Thanks for your dedication!

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