wikiHow Awards

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Spreading wiki-spirit.

Promoting a positive internet environment.

Showing wikiHow users they are valued.

Here at wikiHow, we love spreading wikiLove. It's a simple concept: if you appreciate someone, they'll enjoy what they're doing and be a better editor. So spread some wikiLove with these various awards. Have fun!

Barnstars recognize editors for outstanding qualities and exceptional dedication.

General Purpose Awards recognize editors for any achievements.

Historical Awards have been used in the past and are still highly regarded.

Messages of Thanks and Thanks 2 are special notes of appreciation.

Milestones recognize editors for their number of contributions.

New Editor Awards offer praise for the exceptional work of a new editor.

Outstanding Awards recognize editors for their outstanding achievements.

Random Editor Awards recognize editors for various wikiHow-related endeavors.

Specific Article Awards recognize editors for their article enhancements.

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