These guidelines are basic principles that have been agreed upon by the wikiHow community. They serve as a standard approach, but are not policies.

For questions or assistance, contact the Awards Team.

EditThe Awards Team

  • We encourage editors to join the Awards Team.

  • We give out awards and encourage everyone to do the same for any job well done, such as:

    • Quality edits
    • Helpfulness
    • Exceptional abilities

  • We provide advice in the creation, alteration and deletion of awards.

  • We avert the misuse of awards, such as:

    • Awarding sock puppets.
    • Awarding oneself for self-promotion.

  • We avert vandalism of award templates:

EditGeneral Guidelines

  • Awards should reflect wiki-spirit and other relevant aspects of our community.

  • Awards are not given for destructive activities, such as trolling, flaming, vandalism, etc.

  • Awards are not given in a sarcastic or mean-spirited manner.

  • Adverse awards are removed.

  • Irresponsible editors are warned.

  • Feel free to use your own words to express gratitude rather than create a specific award.

EditAward Creation

  • Practice making awards in our Sandbox.

  • Include the purpose of the award within the title.

  • Categorize your template.

  • Modify an existing award to reflect the qualities of a recipient and the reason for the award.

  • Modify a Barnstar award to reflect the exceptional qualities of a highly dedicated recipient.

EditAward Images

  • Images must comply with policy.

  • Preferrably, use a different image for each award to prevent confusion or lessen the impact of an award.

  • Please do not use the following:

    • A company logo.
    • The crest of any government or international organization.
    • A past or present medal or commendation awarded by any nation or organization.

EditChange or Nominate an Award for Deletion

  • Awards are rarely deleted.

  • Present requests for change or deletion in the Forum for community consensus.

  • Alert members of the Awards Team to participate.

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