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The wikiHow Autism Project aims to provide accurate, accepting, and respectful resources for Autistic people and their loved ones.


  • Provide helpful, compassionate resources for Autistic people, their loved ones, and concerned citizens of the world.
  • Promote respect for and acceptance of Autistic people.
  • Facilitate the spread of autism-friendly language.
  • Uphold the wishes and dignity of the Autistic community.

EditAutistic-Friendly Language

The Autism Project respects the Autistic community's choice of language. This means...

  • Identity-first language ("Autistic person," not "person with autism")
  • Avoidance of labels such as "high-functioning" or "low-functioning"
  • No negative or pitying language, such as "tragedy," "burden," or "crisis"

Autism includes Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS. These terms are diagnostically obsolete, but still used by some people to self-identify.

If you are curious about language choices related to autism or disability, read How to Write About Disability.


The Autism Project welcomes Autistic people (professionally diagnosed or otherwise), their loved ones, and allies. To join, simply add your name to this list! If you wish, you may include some information about yourself.

  • MissLunaRose — Project founder, Autistic (diagnosed at age 18)
  • DaniFree — Project member, Autistic (diagnosed at age 14)
  • McDonalds1 — Project member. Autistic (diagnosed at an early age (not sure when, but I know it's early)).
  • WarriorOfEden — The lonesome but intelligent person with Autism and Dyspraxia. (diagnosed age 4 for both conditions)
  • XxVxX-
  • Sarah — Project Member, Autism Ally :D
  • Clara1276 — Project Member (respects the autistic and is glad to help)
  • Ally Gregory (respects everyone with autism))
  • HumanBeing — Project Member. (A human being who believes in equal rights for all human beings and helping anyone who's happy to accept help.)
  • Emma Statler
  • Emojacquesbrel — Project member, Autistic (diagnosed at age 10)
  • P-code — Project member and Autism ally :D
  • TomPN - Project member. Asperger's syndrome (diagnosed at age 12). Star Wars nerd and currently in training with a lightsaber.
  • Ender yandere Autistic.
  • TheiaKitten - Project member


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  • Handle an Autistic Person — tagged as stub/needs expansion

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