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We aim to increase contributors from Australia, New Zealand. Just add your great ideas! And a roo or two... Things that will be happening:

  • Topics likely to interest Australians and New Zealanders.
  • Discussion of Australian and New Zealand language and editing styles.


  1. Sports

  2. Native flora and fauna

    • Protect native species
    • Invasive weed species

  3. Wildlife issues Category:Wildlife, Category:Animal and Insect Safety, Category:Stings Bites and Burns

    • Whalewatching - conservation, rules about whalewatching, destinations
    • Sharks - conservation, safety issues
    • Jellyfish - safety issues
    • Crocodiles - conservation, safety issues
    • Snakes - First Aid, safety, care of, conservation
    • Spiders - dangers, safety, First Aid, care of
    • Cassowaries - conservation, safety issues
    • Kangaroos and wallabies - conservation, safety issues (e.g. driving)
    • Kiwi - conservation
    • Keas - conservation
    • Other New Zealand bird species - conservation, care of, etc.
    • Feral animal species

  4. Farming Category:Farming, Category:Farm Animals

    • Sheep - farming, Australian/New Zealand conditions & issues
    • Emu - farming issues, sales, marketing
    • Kangaroo

  5. Bushfire danger:

      • [And NO - they are not wildfires or brush fires, they are called bushfires in Australia]
    • Saving lives in bushfires - children, families, farms, etc. evacuation or stay, etc.
    • Preventing or lessening impacts of bushfires
    • Animal safety during bushfires - getting animals to safety, etc.
    • House safety, farm safety tips
  6. Waterwise Category:Water Conservation Solutions

    • Saving water
    • Reducing water usage
    • Coping with less water

  7. Travel destinations Category:Australasia & Oceania

    • Tropical destinations (Queensland, NT, etc.)
    • Each capital and major city region
    • Special bushwalking/tramping trails
    • Mountaineering in Australia and New Zealand, glaciers in NZ
    • Beach activities
    • Camping in Australia/New Zealand
  8. Recipes - downunder cuisine

    • Baking - pavlovas, afghans, lamingtons, pies, pasties, etc.
    • Main course

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