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wikiHow Surpasses 50,000 Articles

wikiHow, a collaborative web site striving to build the world’s largest and highest quality how-to manual, announced it has reached a milestone of 50,000 articles published. The article explains How to Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate in New Mexico. It was started by volunteer wikiHow contributor, Eric Wester. This milestone comes after four years of work from thousands of volunteer editors.

“We're on the path to building the world's how-to manual,” said Jack Herrick, wikiHow founder. “After four years, thousands of volunteer editors have produced 50,000 articles that were read by 124 million people last year alone. The power behind our growth comes from the strength, talent and passion of our volunteer community."

Additionally, wikiHow has seen more than 100% readership growth in the last year. In 2008 more than 124 million unique visitors from 239 different countries visited the site – up from 60 million unique visitors in 2007. According to, this makes wikiHow the 135th most popular site in the US.

wikiHow is a wiki, an open source resource that is collaboratively written and maintained by volunteers. By keeping articles open with multiple quality control threads, wikiHow serves as a constantly improving resource for everyone.

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