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  • Thanks for your work on Set the Desktop Background on a Mac

and Add a Contact in Your Ipod Touch, Spyagent!

Mac OS

  • Change the Background of a Folder in Mac Os X
  • Change the Warning Beep on a Mac
  • Create a Encrypted Dmg File (Mac)
  • Get, Play, Edit and Convert Avchd Video on Mac
  • Have Have 1 Window on a Mac Screen when You Have Four Open
  • Install Mac OS X 10 3 (Panther) on Your Windows PC
  • Install Software on a Mac
  • Make a Program in Applescript
  • Ping on Mac Os
  • Play TOD Files on a Mac
  • Record Mac Screen Free (Snow Leopard)
  • Record Your Screen on Mac
  • Save Pictures to Your Macbook
  • Set the Desktop Background on a Mac
  • Shut Down Your Computer Quickly in Mac Osx
  • Test Time Machine for Mac OS X
  • Watch ASCII Star Wars over Telnet (Mac OS X)


  • Burn Movies to an IPod
  • Bust Open an iPod
  • Convert Tags Between iTunes and ID3
  • Copy Songs from your iPod to your Computer
  • Delete an iTunes Playlist
  • Download Music from Limewire Without iTunes
  • Easily Get Higher Difficulty Levels in Phase
  • Find the Right iPod Case
  • Fit a 5Th Generation iPod Nano With Video Camera on a Functional Model Watercraft With a Mast
  • Fix an iPod ClickWheel
  • Fix iPod Hardware Problems
  • Get Your Own Videos Onto Your iPod if You Dont Have Quicktime Pro
  • Hack Into an iPod with the Lock Feature
  • Hook up an iPod in a Prius
  • Install iPod Linux on a 4G or Nano using Windows and the Johnny West Installer
  • Loop Music on an iPod
  • Make YouTube Videos Playable on an iPod Using Super Video Converter
  • Make a Custom Factory Look Ipod Dock for Your Car Stereo
  • Perform an iPod Low Level Format
  • Play an iPod Shuffle Through Stereo Speakers
  • Prevent Viruses on Your iPod
  • Put Notes on an iPod
  • Reset Your Ipod Nano
  • Reset a Frozen iPod
  • Revive a Frozen Ipod
  • Take Care of a Frozen iPod
  • Turn an Ipod Into a Flash Drive
  • Turn off Ipod Nano
  • Unfreeze a Frozen iPod Nano 4th Generation Screen
  • Unfreeze an iPod Nano
  • Use Apollo DVD to iPod
  • Use an iPod Nano
  • Use the Calendar on an iPod
  • Use the Ipod Nano's Video Camera
  • Wear Ipod Earbuds

iPhone / iPod Touch

  • Decide Between an iPhone and an iPod Touch
  • Download Applications to Your IPhone
  • Download an Iphone/Ipod Touch App
  • Download and Use Applications from the iTunes App Store
  • Find out How Much Space Is Left on Your Ipod Touch or Iphone
  • Get Free Iphone Games
  • Get a SIM Card out of an iPhone
  • Use an Ipod Touch
  • Add a Contact in Your iPod Touch
  • Jailbreak Iphone/Ipod Touch to 3.0
  • Make Ringtones for Iphone
  • Turn off an Iphone
  • Unlock Your Ipod Touch/Iphone
  • Unbrick an iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Unlock Your Ipod Touch/Iphone


  • Convert Mkv Files to Ipad on Mac


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  • Icepup (Talk) - Project Vice Manager
  • Steven (Talk)
  • Andrew (Talk)
  • Matthew Gibbson
  • Chad Bryan
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  • Mark P (Talk)
  • Matthew Aaron (Talk) - iPhone & iPad Programmer
  • RBecker (Talk)
  • Geeker900 (Talk)
  • Arcturus (Talk)
  • Anson S (Talk)
  • TechEnthusiast (Talk)
  • ColenCancer (Talk)
  • User:BloodOfDawn (Talk)
  • User:Jorganbon
  • Spyagent
  • AwesomeDude3
  • homieg (Talk)
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  • Manojhap6|(Talk)
  • Liono4646
  • cocobean|(Talk)
  • Mac(Talk)
  • Milind(Talk)
  • Adelaide (Talk) - Writes articles on iPad
  • User:Chocogrl (User_talk:Chocogrl) - Writes articles on iPad
  • BBrabender(Talk)
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