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Adminship is not a trophy. This perception is raised from time to time and is an inaccurate reflection of what admins are. Admins are contributors who have willingly taken on additional responsibilities and who have willingly accepted to help make wikiHow run smoothly. As noted in Wikipedia's article "What Adminship is Not", anybody who takes on adminship as a "reward" for good work will be sorely disappointed. It doesn't anoint you with a crown and a position above other contributors. You remain an equal contributor with all other contributors although you must be prepared for the fact that your public profile is likely to be more scrutinized and higher expectations placed on you (just keep being who you are, there is no call for superhumans here). As Wikipedia says, admins are organizers and facilitators, not controllers. Wikis don't have controllers.

By the same token, this is not to denigrate the willingness displayed by admins to take on the responsibilities associated with adminship; their care, enthusiasm and consistency is always appreciated and valued on wikiHow. It is simply important to ensure that the entire wikiHow community does not develop unrealistic or inaccurate conceptions on what being an admin is!

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