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Every 4 months the wikiHow community runs an election to select the next round of wikiHow admins. Elections will begin approximately on January 15th, May 15th, and September 15th of each year. Once an election starts it typically takes several weeks before results are determined and announced.

What is an Admin?

wikiHow administrators ('admin' for short) are the community members that willingly take on extra responsibility to make wikiHow the best how-to manual possible. At wikiHow, every user is an editor and valued member of the community. Admins have extra powers and responsibilities to allow them to ensure that wikiHow develops into a useful, free and open resource. Everyone, including you, can become an admin. If you want to learn more about what admins do, please read how to act like an admin and our new admin welcome package. You may also read the list of current wikiHow admins.

Become an Admin

If you have been editing wikiHow consistently for at least four months, have made over 500 article namespace edits and would enjoy the responsibilities of adminship, please consider nominating yourself. To apply:

  1. Read how to become a wikiHow admin to understand how the election process works and what is expected of candidates. A forum thread detailing the changes in the January 2008 election is available here.
  2. Nominate yourself by filling out the interview questions in your user namespace. You can see some example complete interviews done by current candidates here or here.
  3. Relax and keep your expectations low. Admin candidates need a consensus of the existing admins to be elected and this consensus is often difficult to obtain the first few times you run. Don't let initial failures in any way dissuade you from contributing to wikiHow or trying again in future elections.

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