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Five Methods:How serious are we about our mission?What happens when you try to help everyone?How does wikiHow work?Why do people contribute to wikiHow?How did wikiHow come to be?

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wikiHow is a worldwide collaboration of thousands of people focused on one goal: teaching anyone in the world how to do anything.

Everything you read on wikiHow was written by someone who wanted to help someone else.

How serious are we about our mission?

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What happens when you try to help everyone?

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  • wikiHow is the world's leading how-to website. Comscore ranks wikiHow in the top 150 most visited publishers in the world.
  • wikiHow is an award-winning website. We’ve won multiple awards, including a Webby Award for Community and the Co-Creation award in the Open Innovation competition, by The Guardian and Nesta. We’ve also been favorably described in: The New York Times, PBS, NPR, Inc Magazine, and more.
  • wikiHow is often referenced in pop culture. Film and TV include: The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parenthood, and The Identity Thief (movie). Celebrities including: Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Garner (on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), and Chrissy Teigen have shared how they used wikiHow.
  • wikiHow changes lives. At least 3 babies have been born in an emergency situation using a wikiHow article. Has wikiHow impacted your life? Tell us!

How does wikiHow work?

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First, thousands of people share their personal advice and real life experience on how to do something. Each change is hand-reviewed by a volunteer editor, who ensures that every edit helps our readers. On subjects like medicine, where special expertise is required, doctors may provide an additional level of review, as indicated by the green checkmark. Through this process, we keep improving our articles with the goal of making each article the most helpful way to start learning how to do anything.

Why do people contribute to wikiHow?

How did wikiHow come to be?


Jack Herrick founded wikiHow in 2005, fueled by the same educational mission that guides the site today. To ensure the company achieved this mission over the long term, Jack refused venture capital funding and opportunities to sell the company to larger publicly traded corporations. wikiHow remains a hybrid organization, a for-profit company focused on achieving a socially positive mission. wikiHow is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and also maintains a few remote offices.

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