How to Wiki Your Life

What you may ask, is 'wiki-ing your life'. Wikis are ways of people working together for a common goal: Sharing information by writing and editing wiki articles. There are lots of wikis to choose from, or you can start your own. This article will mostly apply to wikiHow, but could be rinsed, lathered, and repeat for just about any wiki. The following tips and ideas will help you develop wiki articles for almost any wiki site.


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    Consider what you do on a daily basis. Your job, your hobbies, your 'issues' even.
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    Think about questions that you ask yourself, in regards to how to do something. More than likely, others have wondered that very thing.
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    Keep a notebook handy. Carry it with you, if at all possible. You never know when inspiration might strike.
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    Research it on the Internet. There are some things that are 'common sense' or knowledge handed down, that you might want to resource to make it fact, not opinion.
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    Choose a format that applies to it:

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