How to Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK)

Remembering those who gave their lives in wars is an important part of British Culture. A day is set aside every year to remember the fallen, Remembrance Sunday, and on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, two minutes silence is observed throughout the country. In addition to these ceremonies, paper and plastic Poppies are sold to raise money for servicemen and associated charities and for people to wear to show that they remember the fallen. Start at step one so you'll know how to wear your poppy with pride.


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    Buy your poppy from a genuine source. Schools, large offices, local government offices, Salvation Army shops and public service buildings will all have poppies for sale. There are often volunteers selling poppies in supermarkets, at public gatherings and in the street from late October onwards. Poppies don't have a set price. Pay what you can afford and feel is respectful.
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    Start wearing your poppy on your every day clothing straight away or wait until the week of Remembrance Sunday.
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    Wear your poppy on a sweater or any other woollen or loosely woven fabric top by just poking the plastic stem through the fabric. Wear it on the left or right of your chest, either is good.
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    Ask for a pin with your poppy if you want to pin it to a tee shirt, top or coat. (November is pretty chilly in the UK, chances are you'll want it on your coat!)
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    Wear a poppy in your button hole if your jacket, blazer or similar garment has a button hole.
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    Show respect to the fallen by proudly wearing your poppy in public. ALL public places in the UK should allow you to wear your poppy unless it contravenes health and safety guide lines. If anyone asks you take off your poppy, you have every right to ask why. If they cannot give a valid reason, you may wish to leave the premises.
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    Wear a poppy in your uniform. Cubs, scouts, girl guides, policeman, military cadets, service men, police officers, fireman etc will have guide lines to follow about correctly adding a remembrance poppy to their uniform. Make sure you stick to the guidelines.
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    Buy something more permanent. Many retailers sell remembrance poppy brooches, pins, tie bars, cuff links etc that you can pay a set price for, some of which will go to charity, then you can wear it every year.
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    Buy a larger fabric and plastic poppy. Not all the vendors have these but if you see one and you have an occasion to wear it such as a remembrance Sunday church service, buy one and wear it as you would a corsage.
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    Stop wearing your poppy after the 11th of November or after Remembrance Sunday, whichever is later.
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    If you wish to be very correct: Position the leaf at 11 o'clock to represent the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time that World War One formally ended.
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    Consider wearing your poppy on the left side, as this is close to the heart, men may consider it correct to wear their poppy in their left lapel, similar to a boutonnière. Some believe it correct for women wear to wear their poppy on the right, similar to a brooch.


  • Don't do anything disrespectful like customize a poppy.


  • Not everyone believes in honouring the fallen by wearing a poppy. Respect the wishes of others that choose not to wear a poppy as long as they respect your wish to wear one.

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