How to Wear a Purity Ring

Wearing a purity ring is a wonderful public statement that you're going to be a virgin on your wedding night. Choosing to wear one is a big commitment, something you will be proud of - but it shouldn't be taken lightly. Here is how to do it.


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    Take the time to really give it some thought. Make sure you're are dedicated enough to wait. If you're already thinking about sex all the time and you don't plan on staying pure, you shouldn't wear a purity ring. Don't make a promise to yourself you know you won't keep. But if you've decided that you are going to wait for sex until you get marriage, and you want the world to know it. then move on to the next step.
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    Pick a purity ring. When you have decided, discuss it with your parents. They will be thrilled with your choice and will want to support you all the way - and they will probably want to buy your ring for you. It doesn't need to have Bible passages on it; a popular phrase engraved on purity rings is "True love waits". It's plain, sweet, and simple, and it states exactly what sex should be about: love. Make sure, however, that it doesn't look too much like a wedding ring; you don't want people to think you're already taken! If you really want a ring specially made as a purity ring, search in Christian stores, such as Bereans, or go online. They have a wide variety of rings you can choose from. There are also groups and events, such as True Love Waits and the Silver Ring Thing, that you can look into.
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    Wear your ring with pride - you've done something beautiful and uplifting. When people ask what it is, boldly say "It's a purity ring. It symbolizes my virginity, and that I won't be having sex until I get married." If you're too shy, or you don't want to be that bold, simply tell them what it is.
    • Be prepared for some negative attention. Friends may tell you "sex is just sex", or that abstinence will lead to marriage failure. Just remember that abstinence is your own personal decision, and that you know in your heart that it is what's right for you; others will choose to engage in sexual activity, just as you choose to abstain.
    • Be prepared too for feeling like you're somehow missing out. In your late teens or early 20s most of your friends may have lost their virginity. Stay true to your beliefs - many of your friends will secretly be regretting that they didn't. They will admire you for what you've achieved even if they don't say so
    • Society is sex-obsessed, so protect yourself from temptation, there are things you don't want to know about yet. Review your TV viewing to avoid smutty programmes.
    • Ask your parents to install parental control software on both your PC and phone. This will block access to sex-related stuff, as well as things like violence and drugs and so it will keep you safe online. (Again, your parents will be delighted to help you here).
  4. 4 should make your ring an important part of your wedding ceremony; discuss exactly how you will do this with your pastor or priest, it will be wonderful and inspiring to let everyone know what you've achieved and they'll be so proud of you. Keep it safe and precious after you have exchanged it for your wedding ring. You can then save it for your own daughter as a really beautiful present..

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