How to Watch an MLB Game Online with MLB Gameday

Ever want to watch a baseball game, but aren't near your TV? Try watching a game online with the MLB Gameday App. As long as you can stand watching the ball move (with a 30-60 seconds difference), you can do this for free. This article will tell you how to access this version of the MLB game.


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    Open your web browser and visit the MLB Scoreboard page, a page that combines all MLB scores from every day in the MLB year, into one convenient location.
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    Locate the game you'd like to track. With, you don't have to sign in.
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    Look for the icon that looks like the infield of a baseball field and click on it. Sometimes, you'll see a link within the major scoreboard for the game that contains the word "Watch Online".This will open a pop-up window that will display your game.
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    Watch the plays as they happen. Although watching these games is free, as long as you can do-away with watching the ball move in real-time, the MLB Gameday app provides you all the data you'll need to track the game as it progresses.


  • Before a game, you have several things available to you. You have information on the probable starting pitchers along with game notes and a projected lineup. Gameday isn't available for the game all the time.
  • You can even tell the game is coming up shortly in Gameday when "Warmups" is displayed.
  • New games for Gameday will be added and changed every day at about 11PM EST/EDT. At the end of the season, the date will not change.
  • If you try to download the iPhone app, you'll notice that the Gameday feature for their official app is inaccessible to all users who haven't bought their package.
  • Blacked out games are accessible to any user. It doesn't matter what location you live at, to access these games. (Unless you decided to buy the MLB Gameday TV package or Gameday Audio package, as these packages have blackout restrictions in place.)


  • When given the Watch Online option, be careful not to click the link for the wrong game. Just a few pixels above the link, you'll see the two teams involved in the game that you'll be selecting to watch.

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