How to Wash Tie Dyed Fabric

Two Methods:Washing Tie-Dyed Fabric Without Synthrapol DetergentDrying Tie-Dyed Fabric

Prior to wearing a tie-dyed article of clothing, it needs to be rinsed and washed. Rinsing removes all the loose dye from the fabric, while washing ensures the colors are properly set and do not run or bleed. Use these steps to make sure your tie-dyed colored clothing remains bright and vivid without bleeding or running into surrounding fabrics.


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    Prepare your work area. Cover your work area with paper towels or keep them nearby, because the dyes will stain unprotected fabric or other porous surfaces.
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    Rinse your tie-dyed clothing.
    • Place your tie-dyed fabric in cold, running water in the sink. The cold water rinse sets the colors and stops the dye reaction with the fabric.
    • After the material is completely saturated in water, switch from cold to hot water. Rinse the fabric until the water begins to run clear.
    • Set your tie-dyed clothing aside on paper towels.
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    Prepare your washing machine.
    • Fill your washing machine with hot water. Select the load-size.
    • To wash a full load of tie-dye materials, use 1/4 cup (60 ml) synthrapol detergent. Reduce the amount of synthrapol detergent depending on the size of your wash load, such as 1/8 cup (30 ml) for a medium load. You may use as little as 1 tbsp. (14.79 ml) to 1/4 cup (60 ml) synthrapol detergent depending on the size of your wash load. The smaller the load, the less synthrapol detergent you will use because of its high concentration.
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    Wash your tie-dyed materials.
    • Add your tie-dyed material to the hot water in the washing machine. Wash normally for a full cycle.
    • When the cycle is completed, look inside the washing machine to take note of any loose dye bleeding out of the fabric. If loose dye is present, wash your tie-dyed material through several additional washing cycles using smaller amounts of synthrapol detergent until the water is completely clear during the rinse cycle.

Method 1
Washing Tie-Dyed Fabric Without Synthrapol Detergent

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    Rinse the tie-dyed fabric in the sink. Place your tie-dyed material directly under a running stream of cold water.
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    Change the water temperature from cold to warm when most of the loose dye is removed from the fabric.
    • Continue to rinse the tie-dyed fabric for several minutes under warm water.
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    Wash tie-dyed fabrics by themselves in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent for several cycles until you can verify the rinse cycle water is completely clear.

Method 2
Drying Tie-Dyed Fabric

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    Allow to dry completely using regular dryer methods. You can also lay the items flat to air dry.


  • Wear disposable rubber gloves to make sure dyes do not get on your clothing or make a mess.
  • Dyes set best in lukewarm water with temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.55 degrees Celsius).


  • Do not overfill your washing machine with tie-dyed fabrics. The water may become too muddy with dye and may corrupt your other tie-dyed materials.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Sink
  • Washing machine
  • Disposable gloves
  • Synthrapol detergent

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